People that took advantage of the skull tokens should have their accounts deleted

It isn’t fair to the rest of the community that plays legit and fair and an example needs to made of players that cheat the system.


oh behave


Not a cheat though. Exploit is contested. Cheat is just wrong lol


Do not feed the trolls

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This doods going for the kill lol the trolling doesnt stop and so many are taking the bait, i love it.

You know, these skull tokens, no ones talking about the AI or Negan now :smirk: well played scopely well played


Go home dude this is your 6th post trying to get attention from skullgate. You’re pathetic.


I call it penny in the puppet show.

If everyone who got the skull tokens for free yesterday got banned… I think the gamr will have only 5 players (my english isn’t good srry)


lol morning Bill. Hows your day so far

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Good Morning Plagueis finally a positive post on my thread such a hateful rts community here on the forums

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Says the person who literally made a thread saying everyone that benefitted should have their accounts deleted.


What a genius idea if that was the case though :joy::joy::joy:

Thinking about it, I’m convinced this is actually true… leave it for a few days before making a statement, let people stew and the forums burn a little… then give some small compensation… enough to en flame the forums again a little… then BAM!! new OP promo! By the time it’s all done people will be like… what Negan?

Shhh! Dont tell everyone the plan… That is what scoopes has been doing for 4 years now lol I’m sure theirs a name for it but its like an abusive relationship, you get beat but its ok cause he is there crying about how sorry he is and buying you diamonds and flowers and then turns around to beat you again soon, rinse and repeat, scopelys the abuser, we are the ones being beat.


Oh look bills back


It isn’t fair to the whole community what they (skopelie) have done in the past few years. This company really has deserved this! A shame that not all player could do this yesterday.

Keep making threads hahahaha

I agree!

Must be punished!

I mean… Scopely can just roll back certain accounts. They did so when the introduction of stashed in beta gave people unlimited coins.

Might be complicated given the faction style mission events, but it isn’t like deleting those who benefited is the only choice.

Hm. Scopely did something wrong and players should be punished? That’s just bulls***
Maybe a little compensation for all the good guys, who didn’t gain coins like this would be nice, but in my opinion the compensation wont be usefull for most of the Players. I mean it’s Scopely :smiley:
So just calm down, maybe Scope will surprise us

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