People in this forum don't upset people here

know our value @JB.Scopely


Scopely knows our value $$$$$

Our value is certain

Yes please, know our value.

Stop whining, keep surviving, keep spending (for all whales out there) , keep dying ( for F2P like me ) :money_mouth_face:

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Is it just me or has about half these threads been random parts of sentences…and the ops seem to be thinking they are making total sense? #bluecarltothemuseum

You are right lol. For some reason I can’t stop reading them though. I sit here like, “what the hell does he think is going on here?”. I really would like him to do a Q and A sesh for us bc I have alot of questions.

Reading this thread title makes me feel like I just opened a fortune cookie…

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Wrong. It’s please Carl to the museum. :canned_food:


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