People help me find a collection

Dear Scopely. Please help with the Aaron Event situation… I don’t have a collection on Aaron’s S-Class at the moment. In other regions, there are. And in the main region, there are no…

Scroll down a bit, it’s not with the rest of the glass collections.

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nowhere is this collection…

I believe its in that first screenshot. 6000/6002


Oh my apologies.
You should write support in game

They’ll tell me “go to the forum”

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I think that you didnt logged since the begginning of the event so the collection didnt popped up correctly when you logged today may be

but how do I get into the system??)).
and strangely enough, the collection didn’t show up…

Restart the app

Check the other tab with completed collections

Found. And then what?

When you have the items and are ready to collect, send that screenshot to support and tell them you need help because you want to collect but the collection was already marked complete when the event launched.


thank you so much

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