People hacking in raids?

Im getting fking 17 trophies, max 23, and i see others getting MORE THAN 50??? WHAT? same grade team aswell, he has the same amount of trophies with 50 less atcks done, ridiculous


It depends on how many S class toons you have I think

Literally the free one…

The last two league trophies you receive or the trophies for each raid in a raid event? The normal league trophies haven’t changed with me, still get 102 solo trophies but the raid points vary from 20 to 28.

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I’m paying the price fir working hard and big prepping for these S-class toons s14 and I’m getting 19-21, happy days trying your best and getting penalised, WTG Scopes @GR.Scopely👍

Are you reading drop defenses maybe? Only checked a couple of mine and they all seem 22 to 24 as it usually is. I just read who I come across very rarely in my region do you see drop teams.

When I do revenge raids I usually receive higher points. But noticed during last solo raid this week that people with lower team ranks get more while raid less.

We all drop it just goes on the best grade team possible wether it’s up or not

That’s because your max possible team grade is higher (probably S12+) than the people you raid. Always been like that but recently everyone was S10 or S10+ so everyone received roughly the same trophies.

I’m getting 28. No idea why but I’m rolling with it.

I think it goes if difficulty as team grades and raid rankings much higher than mine I am getting between 37 and 30 anything lower than my team and rank I am getting between 29 and 19.

Theoretically it’d be easier for you to beat teams if your highest possible team is higher, if you’re higher than the rest then you deserve less trophies regardless the team is up

Its not hacking… Its them telling you ■■■■■■■ and spend more cans

In principle yes (and I mostly agree), however, playing devil’s advocate - everyone gets the same amount of free energy, so therefore the players with a higher team grade will be disadvantaged.

Yeah not hacks but I got 15 and some buddies get low amounts.I think the last update messed them up.

Its literally bugged to shit, the new update has come along and f@cked up the trophies, its that simple, ive seen players with 1 s-class getting 17 trophies, and one with 4 s-class getting 30 … Its not due to team grade in the slightest

Its always been like that. When you start new in a new region you get 16-18 trophies because your A+ team will often match B teams. With everyone being at the same class level (S9++ / S10) with 6stars difference in team grades was minimal so trophies earned were between 22-25. Now team grades gap has increased drastically and this is reflected (and rightly so) in trophies.

I was already getting 15-17 before the update got released

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