People, are u kidding me?

Why would anyone in their right mind choose Piper over the bags lmao, 450 bennies over a toon that will be outdated tommorrow, please… Xddd


I just want the coins. Give me the coins. Just a few coins. Any coins. A coin. Please!


Ya with the intro of s class and now a free to play disarm I’m leaning that way too

Will be way more than 450 bennies if you don’t go for piper. Closer to 900.

But Michelle shouldn’t be underestimated. She fits in very perfectly with Charlie and Michelle. If you attack with Charlie first, she gets a fifty attack boost from cutthroat. That’s awesome.

I don’t get why u can’t have both?

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There was just a thread about getting piper without faction milestones but takes bypassing the supreme crates. Basically using all your items on act 1.

Ah, i see

She was outdated before release lol this was to silence the masses :sheep: baaaaa

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she is actually really good, dont under estimate the cut throat now its had a buff

Yea her cutthroat can be really good but i have zero use for her and most i think have zero use for her, im going for the crates

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I mean, her attk stat and active are nice…but…dem coins(benes), doh…

you can do both I have done the crates 6 times already and have 2 crossbones just waiting for me to get the rest of the items needed to complete the maps again

For sure. I just see the benes and (possible) coins as the real prizes. Piper is a semi-useful consolation, in my eyes.

The maths was done that you cant get both for f2p, its either piper or the crates, think you can do the crate like 1 time or something

Unless you get lucky and pull crossbones from crates… but I think only 1 in 1000 ppl are getting them

I pulled syphilis from the crates. Its not even listed. What are the odds on THAT?!

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