People are exploiting skull tokens

You got coins everyone should be happy right

No I missed out

If i send you a Google play card for coins will you stfu on here? :zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face:


Yaaaaassssss! :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Coinslaught, its the 24 hour midweek event we have been missing. can’t wait til they run it again


This should be an event. Hell hide 6* character codes, coins, lilly and gear throughout all the realms and go nuts trying to find it first. .


If u didn’t take an advantage you are just lazy or not using brain man…if giving out money is all you care for your real life must be so boring

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Making and spending money is all that matters in this short life man

wow wow that is just a very sad way to be looking at life my friend :cry:


I love that idea!!! Scav mission across regions! Each region you collect certain things!


That is so sad

Scopely has a Beta Region for a reason yet SO many things either get overlooked or just get befuddled pretty badly. I do not blame players for looking for loopholes or ways to get more out of a game. In my opinion Scopely should not punish those players for doing so -no, I am not one who was able to 'take advantage of what happened-. It was their error for not catching that major, and very easily seen, loophole for people to get more coins. They may look into how something may go before releasing it to the ‘public’ but man… how could they not see that/this coming? I agree it is a little unfair but it is not on the players, it is on Scopely for not catching something like that before releasing it as an event.

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So you call the person a crybaby but yet you all are being even worse crybaby. You guys want your bottles

LMAO Im done

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