Penalised for spending money?


This offer keeps coming up

But it’s not available to me, because I’ve paid full price for the same offer previously. Does that seem right to you?

Should people be excluded from offers on the basis that they have been paying customers before?

  • Yes, exclusion on this basis is acceptable.
  • No, this is not fair/equitable.

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I can understand for first time buyers… ok. But at least make it available every once in a while to the people who buy it religiously every month, or make it so after maybe 6 months straight, it’s 25% off all the time


I feel your annoyance, mate. Really sucks having it rubbed in one‘s face on every log in.


See it all the time it puts us in spender brackets. P13 people will get deals for 49.99 while p9 will get the same offer for 20


Its a way for them to make money off less deep pockets. If we all stop spending they might start to reward us too.


got the same pop up, unfortunately when I go to purchase still shows 9.99. so no deal thanks


It does say your ‘first’ 30 day pass. One would imagine that it shouldn’t appear if you have already had one.


What’s especially shitty about this offer, is that it was never available to the older players. So yeah, someone that’s sunk money into this game shouldn’t have to see this popup. At the very least, make it a one-time offer to everyone.


Standard sales practice. What is there to be surprised about?


Be nice if they did decent shit for loyal veteran players


Not really standard lol.
So I have ATT as my cellphone provider, and have to see their commercials on TV all the time soliciting new customers with awesome offers …

But, when I log-in to the site to access my account, I don’t have to see those same offers thrown in my face, becauseeee they know I’m not a “new” customer.


I guess it’s not really a big deal in the grand scheme of things … tons of important problems to be more concerned about. Just one of those things that makes Scopely seem like a bit of a joke. It’s such a simple fix, and doesn’t happen with other games.

I used to play online poker. When I started, of course they blasted me with the “Starter Promo” every time I logged in until the day I caved and bought it lol. Think I ever saw that “starter promo” advertised again? Ever? Nope.


It’s standard where I live.


It’s what drug dealers do to get people hooked - the first hit is usually free though.


I have no problem with this whatsoever, people on the fence about buying the pass can grab it and see what it’s about…

First month is almost free, ongoing months full price and you are hooked lol


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