Peas And Carrots question

Should I do a ten pull for lacerator rick or wait to see if I need to buy peas and carrots for Bryan? I have 12kpeas and carrots

As a Rick owner I can tell you he ain’t worth it.

Maybe… his focus will find a use when we get a huge AP lead for greens but I highly doubt it.

All bleed is good for is letting your enemy buff/heal/etc before they die. If you get lucky paired with Shiva, sure you can knock a toon out end of round 1 with it but it won’t stop the revive loops.

For now he can just ride the bench with all the other flops.


Sadly I can agree. He seems like he is trying to do to many roles at once and therefore does nothing really great. Havent found a use for him yet either.

He looks like the soyboy version of negan don’t pull.


Since scopley start to release toon with AR recover from all penalties , that means even the bleed ain’t worthy anymore man .

They will bring out new skill called ghost that wont be able to be targeted by penalties triple attack 700 with Stuns and ABS oh and will cost 3x42 pulls :joy::joy::joy:

That killed my lungs, we need more actually funny shit on the forums (The certain meme wasn’t funny.

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