Peas and Carrots math?

So, does anyone know if the Peas and Carrots you get from doing the roadmaps are enough to get Bryan? I have 6500 on one region now, with 13 days left in the event. Assuming Scopely keeps the roadmaps coming, there will be 6 more of the Harvest 2 roadmaps, and therefore 7800 more Peas and Carrots that can be earned through them. Therefore, I should logically be able to reach 14300 Peas and Carrots before the end of the event? Is my math correct?

Your math is correct, there’s been 5 maps so far. I’d expect at least another 6, maybe 6 unless $copely is feeling truly stingy.
I currently have 7550 peas and carrots as I brought an offer and also pulled them twice with my tokens. Everyone should get st least one toon. Some will have a chance at Princess/Bryan and also Rose

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Yep we should get enough(little over 14k) to chose any toon without buying stuff from offers

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Don’t know sometimes they don’t do the events till the very end or they skip a week or two.

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Yeah like the shovels event they stoped it at very end and some people needed 500 in my faction cause of the stash event came out directly…But if you keep up to date with everything not leave it to last min you will be all good G

45 Peas + 5 Carrots = 1 delicious and nutritious accompaniment to any meal

But yes, I agree with your math.

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we should be able to get it i have 9500 and ready to atttempt for princess

More thank likely they will make you pay for the last few to get Bryan since he’s a new toon. Just my opinion.

How do you have 9500?

I have 10550

Edit: purchased some “okay” offers

So i should buy the harvest pack with the firewood in it? Lol

Not a safe foundation you’ve got there…

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That’s what I did (when it was cheap and I also got some turkeys)… I needed firewood so bad :frowning:

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