PC was this communicated

All the dumb crap people have put up with last couple weeks and they get hit with this.

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Disband pc worthless. Zero point in it.


I think this was the point
Most people run and blame scopely which is the correct thing to do
But some take it out on PC
This I think is why scopely wanted a pc


PC doesn’t deserve any hate from this, they are players like us, those who deserve the hate is Scopely.


Not hating just facts, it is obviously a sham. I’m sure the people on pc had good intentions but scopely didnt.


just cancel it scopely…u know you reading this


See how well that worked for beta

Can you guys push this as a concern for the next PC meeting? I mean the game is really starting to be unplayable with all the glitches. Definitely not enjoyable.

I disagree but I wish we could get more of a response from them. I mean @Conquest does that cute little interview and isn’t to be heard from since. @Parker at least tries but is only one person who gets no help from his PC brethren.

This is why it should be disbanded. We have no idea who does what there and in the end it is obvious scopely will just push out whatever it wants. Can it, was a bad idea to begin with.

Is PC something you’re paying for? No? Oh it’s not, and it’s not hurting you? It may not be helping as you see it, but wheres the harm in letting the PC members try to improve the game.


Caused unnecessary drama for absolutely nothing. There are far better means of gathering info than a few handpicked players that do not represent me.

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Only unnecessary drama caused from PC is players saying stupid shit like that while the PC themselves are just trying to make the game better and are obviously being completely ignored by Scopely


Exactly and why do I know they making it better for me? It is ridiculous concept to begin with. We dont even know who some of the members are ffs.

Don’t know if I would go as far as saying it should be disbanded. I mean it is what is is. They’re trying to put out a raging dumpster fire with a glass of water.

I’d rather have those employees wasting time in that meeting do something productive.

You’re playing the wrong game then fella, because scopley doesn’t do productive.

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