PC Parker Suggestion: Tiered Regions

This is my 2 cents of opinion, been able to transfer to whatever region we want to,it would be ideal and not charging for keys even better,imagine you pay to leave a region and getting stuck in a different region.
One way to eliminate the need of creating different tier for faction prizes depending witch wave they are ,simply make rewards system proportional for example;
1st 2000 cards
2,3rd 1900 cards
4,5th. 1800 cards
6,10th 1700 cards
11,15th 1600 cards
16,20th 1500 cards
21,25th 1400 cards
26,30th 1300 cards
If we have this kind of reward system thru the other tournaments as well,the game would be way more balance maybe diminishing the need of leaving a region just for the sake of resources. Putting every body together in one wave to fight for crumbs it will just retired more players

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No, no changes, just open wave 1 to let the people go anywhere they want

I mean, what you suggested is a significant change. That would be abandoning the wave system almost entirely and certainly the herd intention behind it.

The problem with what you say is the problem most have raised in this thread. It just allows the 2nd best factions to move to regions where they could dominate, therefore not solving any competiton issues. As the poll shows, 62% in Waves 2/3 like the more balanced competition, as do probably 42% in Wave 1. My solution offers a prize tier incentive to prevent this.

As for what you wrote on the other thread:

Tiered regions is free transfer (regarding destination anyway)

This creates the aforementioned problem of prize exploitation

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It’s a really tricky one this😔

What did you vote out of interest Lb?

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Very interesting proposal: prize-related regions and freedom to move either up or down are a must IMO. I would also take into account the fact that some people appreciate the 6vs6 wars (easier to fill). Therefore, I’d add a wave to your proposal… wave 1 8vs8 whale region / wave 2 with slightly lower prizes 6v6 / wave 3 6v6 just like your proposed wave 2… and a wave 4 6vs6 for new factions or whoever wants to play without any pressure. Great work

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8v8 vs 6v6 consideration is a good point actually. The only concern with a 4th wave (it’s still valid, there’s no reason it has to be fixed at 3) is potentially spreading everyone a bit thin. Especially in regards to war party size.

May I ask what who your Wave 2’s target player is? If anything it makes sense to me, in your model, that Wave 2 would be 8v8. That would be for larger active factions but not whales who may prefer 8 party wars. Wave 1 is too competitive, Wave 3 is 6v6. Whereas you’ve put it as 6v6 making your Wave 2/3’s very similar? Or did you mean 8v8?

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I seriously doubt there is enough active factions to fill 2 waves with 8v8.
There is a reason Wave 1 is divided into 1a (with 8v8) and 1b (with 6v). Two full waves which then in theory should hold 2/3 of the players in 8v8 is completely unrealistic.
I think that is one of the prices people would have to pay. If you want 8v8 Wave1 is where you go with all the pros and cons that brings with it.

Otherwise you are just creating a new problem to a large amount of factions.

Edit: I’m not against creating a W2a and 2b divided according to 8v8 and 6v6 but I just think you overestimate how many we are actually talking about it. I’m sure Scopely have the supporting data though.

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Trapping players in wave 1 is a horrible idea. Some cant sustain the energy to remain relevant and are forced to retire. More options would be better.

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I couldn’t agree more (which isn’t a surprise :smile:)

Well I was thinking it’d be less a 50/50 split, more 80/20 to 8v8. But that means you’d probably just have 8 fixed 8v8 regions that wouldn’t rotate around. Wave 1 just being 8v8 is cleanest. I prefer that idea now yes

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It would be nice to get access to some data and do analysis but my stomach tells me a clean cut might be the most viable way to go.

Besides people are free to move up when they are active enough for 8v8. It would also leave another argument on the increased rewards in wave 1 regions.

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What swayed me was that 8v8 is already consigned to half a wave. So making it 1.5 seems unnecessary

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I wonder if the differences are actually that large.

My personal experience from the mixed-wave CRW, and what I’ve heard from others, the differences between waves was very large at the top, but muted to non-existent at the middle and lower levels - factions usually in the 50-160 range were within their usual placement range. From what I’ve seen faction event scores are similar - top scores are a bit higher, middle scores quite similar (and I wouldn’t be surprised if within-wave differences are larger than the difference between 1 and 2). There’s probably a small segment of players that have the energy (etc.) to remain relevant in wave 2 but not in wave 1, but most would not, and if you’re not at the top, the difference may not be that huge (except more regions per CRW in wave 2)

Tbh I don’t think I did vote as I wasn’t 100% sure what to go for (Tobison sits on the fence):hugs:

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Mi idea is only dealing with 4 waves. At the present time, we have much more than 4 spreading areas: 1A, 1B,…
This wave 2 would allow the woc ranked 15-… to enjoy a competitive playground but a little easier than a full op 8vs8. Of course, other groups might feel the need to test woc level prior participation.

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Hmm. The only other problem I can think of with adding another wave in is having to scale prize amounts even more to account for another tier. Unless your Wave 1 and 2 had neglible changes to the prize structure, the main difference being the war party structure. That in turn could reduce pressure on Wave 3/4 being dominated by mismatched factions because there’d be an easier, yet still high-prize region they could go to instead. Maybe. Interesting :thinking:

All in all : great idea !!

But … This was, more or less, the objectives of : leagues !!

So : I tend to think that this will never happen because they were unable to use leagues in a constructive way.

But : great idea !!! :ok_hand:


Kind of. Leagues added a new dimension to the game, instead of your world (raiding, leaderboards, etc) being purely region-based, it made it cross-region and to a degree matched you with your own kind.

But they never went far enough with it to justify it being a balancing move, e.g league-based wars. Perhaps because basing everything off leagues and not region is too out-of-step with what the game was built as (compare region rank rewards vs league rank rewards, there’s a clear discrepancy). Plus, regions would still have to exist, even if you converted all tourneys to league-based, leaving that aspect now on the wayside. So perhaps the solution is not as clear-cut or easy with leagues. Leagues work to add a 3rd dimension, but not to balance it entirely.

Viewed from that perspective, tiered regions is less of a bold step in changing the game structurally. It’s merely subdividing different skill levels into different regions (and the only coding is restructuring prize brackets, the actually moving is done by the player)

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There’s a lot of wisdom in here.

Let’s just hope for the same level in scope’s HQ.

What I liked with leagues is that once you climbed up, you can’t come down : meaning I wouldn’t have to face 2 rampage Priyas behind a Pete or Mercer a lot anymore … I guess