PC Parker Polls: Total War


Greetings Forumers!

Total War ended this week. In that event, we saw several variations on things like towers, cooldowns, timers, more cooldowns. I’ve heard many opinions, but I’m not entirely sure just how many people like each option.

Hence, following are 10 questions. If you could please take the time to answer, it will add very important context to suggesting if any of these should be adapted going forward.

The questions:

Q1) Did you enjoy the Total War event?

  • Loved it
  • Liked it
  • Neutral
  • Disliked it
  • Hated

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Q2) What was your preferred number of towers?

  • None
  • One
  • Three
  • Five
  • Other (please say)

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Q3) What was your preferred Camp Attack Cooldown? (The time until you can attack the same camp again)

  • 1 minute
  • 1:30 minutes
  • 2 minutes
  • 3 minutes
  • Other (please say)

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Q4) What was your preferred Scouting time? (Preparation time before the battle starts)

  • 1 minute
  • 1:30 minutes
  • 2 minutes
  • 3 minutes
  • Other (please say)

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Q5) What was your preferred Tower Cooldown time? (Time until you can attack the tower)

  • 1 minute
  • 2 minutes
  • 2:30 minutes
  • 3 minutes
  • 5 minutes
  • Other (please say)

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Q6) Which were your preferred Tower effects? (JUST the effect, not the stat value)

  • Bleed | (applied to defender’s toons) to defenders
  • Burn | to defenders
  • Guardian Shield | (applied to attacker’s toons) to attackers
  • Guardian Shield | to defenders
  • Heal Reduction | to defenders
  • Bonus to AP | to attackers
  • Att boost | to attackers
  • Def boost | to defenders
  • Other (please say)

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Q7) Of the variable stats each effect had, would you say they should be higher, lower, or that they were about right?

  • 2,500 Burn | Higher
  • 2,500 Burn | About Right
  • 2,500 Burn | Lower
  • 675 Burn | Higher
  • 675 Burn | About Right
  • 675 Burn | Lower
  • 50% Heal Reduction | Higher
  • 50% Heal Reduction | About Right
  • 50% Heal Reduction | Lower
  • 25% Slow | Higher
  • 25% Slow | About Right
  • 25% Slow | Lower
  • 325 Bleed | Higher
  • 325 Bleed | About Right
  • 325 Bleed | Lower

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Q8) What was your favourite amount of short repairs? (Short repair = 15 seconds)

  • None
  • 1 short repair
  • 3 short repairs
  • Other (please say)

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Q9) What was your favourite retreat time?

  • 5 minutes
  • 10 minutes
  • Other (please say)

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Q10) Where would you prefer to see experimental changes in the future?

  • In normal wars
  • In blitzes
  • In Total War-type events
  • Never!

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Remember, you’re up against the Others in the Other Place. I don’t want to see my beloved Forum outspoken. Vote!

I also cannot make up why people like a certain answer and for what reasons. If you can please leave all your thinking behind your answers, it will all be accounted for in the my writeup of the final results. Super helpful bordering on necessary,

please say

Polling closes Thursday 18:00 PDT!


Nice poll however I was expecting a question about mercenaries lol. Overall, I liked the concept of total war except for that one war that was screwed up. I liked the missions and the stash. As far the towers go, I like having no towers. I felt it leveled the field. If i had to pick a fave tower, it was the slow and bleed towers.

I prefer the 1:30 timer for attacking and would like to have the scouting timer extended to 3 minutes. Having a 3 minute scouting timer helps players get the missions done.


I considered mercenaries but my attitude to them is that they need to be an unquestionable default of war now anyway. It’s not up for discussion lol.

I’m really surprised you went with no towers though. Really. Really. Surprised.

My arguments against no towers, as a F2P of course, you may have known, are:

  • Weaker members couldn’t get boosts to help them overcome tricky teams
  • Much weaker members had nothing productive to actually do. They couldn’t can farm, tower watch, etc
  • Towers were a good source of cans. For all players
  • They solidify ranks into strict skill hierarchies. Apart from activity, there are no other variables in which factions would rank differently to each other. (E.g if a fac had better bleed teams, bleed towers = up 8 ranks)

What do you say to them?
Not to put you on the back foot lol. I am genuinely fascinated as I thought no towers was a top fac thing. I’m interested F2P might be voting for that


I get your point it’s just personally I prefer no towers. This was the first war in a while that I had no problem getting all the milestones. So I based my vote off of that. Plus I may have misunderstood the question (it’s quite late here).

I do think that towers do help lower faction members. My faction is so focus on getting our participation points that we don’t go for towers first. Especially going up against top 10 factions that can and will destroy us in 5 minutes.

I’m fine with having 3 towers as the normal. Having no towers every once and a while was a good change of pace.


1 quick rebuild in a 30min war is ideal. 3 got silly. None is pants.

Edit: to add to that - i don’t see the point in making a solid defence if everyone can rebuild immediately 3 times for free.


Absolutely. They need to stay. Helped a lot of lower factions get milestones cause they were able to war with only 4 players. I saw an increase in the total number of factions participating in war due to mercenaries.


I personally liked no towers because as a capable F2P leading a F2P faction, it rid me of a To All message, policing the towers being called, watching the towers being added to, ensuring the towers were retaken.

But of course, selfish easy life aside, if I was less capable I’d need the towers as did some of my factionmates.

I like your reasoning though. Thanks!

I see it as like 6v6 for 1b down. It was brought in to save activity. Remove it whoever’s left will start rioting


I hear ya. I would love to organize the faction when it comes to towers. But the faction is train to get their points as quick as possible cause those top factions have no mercy for us f2p/mild spending factions lol.

Lol, you saw how I carried on when they took the mercs away when they gave 1B 8v8​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Of course towers make it a difference for the war experience and having none is pretty tedious have to wait for cool downs and that 1 or 2 energy left at the end of the siege it’s a waste, at least with the towers it keep you a lil busy and you can get refills cans drops from it.so in my opinion towers is a must to have.
Now maybe its possible to do towers more neutral towards the siege, like 10% less time to energy refill or something like that.
And I still rather have less time to energy refill 8 minutes is too much time to wait for matches that last less than 10 minutes, so what about that.


Ty @Parker for your time and effort, appreciated big time🤗 ps loved the no towers personally no distractions

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Loved the event… Loved the missions in general although couldn’t complete the win 100 sieges one… found this bit steep for am active enough faction but overall loved the missions and the zombie avatar (grow up some may cry and to those who do I ask them to look in the mirror for playing games on phone)

Bleed was my favorite tower and liked that one even more as all 3 towers were the same. It made warring faster and more fun.

I’m all for shorter repair times, 3 whilst could be viewed as excessive again gives opportunities for points. Maybe 2 be good middle ground? Only time repair is if matched evenly and going toe to toe.

Shorter times all round are needed to keep it moving

What does need recognition and or raising was the one where screwed it up… no mercs an 8vs8… compensation; communication and listening to players could should been waaaaay better. That mistake meant it set everyone back on war missions. It pissed me off that much I semi gave up as did what could.

P.s I feel your pain on chasing round shouting about towers… area of improvement for my guys an gals


Really liked the event definitely added more fun to the usual boring war. Honestly i preferred the blitz wars. CRW for me is just to long.
And i especially like the event missions. Managed to complete them all. Plenty of trainers, refills etc really good imo. Personally i like wars without towers, although this time around there was a good mix.


Overall i enjoyed all changes and i think diversity is good, keeps us hooked. :wink:

Personally i hated no tower war as out lowbies struggled and i couldn’t get cans.


I was so happy with the missions - most I could do on my own with a good smatering of group efforts as well, and I am super happy with the prizes from the missions as well, I do hope to be able to get my hands on more of those Bernadette’s though. Its a little sad that I have 4.5K war tokens just sitting around unused and am more exicted about the missions … just say’n. Super stoked with my walker Avatar too. That bad boy is freaken sweet!

I got the biggest kick out of the 2500 burn tower, that brought a lot of joy to my war experience, I also liked the bleed towers as lot as well, over all having the different towers over the wars allowed for some pretty nuanced teams builds - I like the problem solving aspect of the game, so for me and my style this event was great.

1 Cheap repair is plenty I feel, anymore than that and you are just feeding the other team points. That’s from my experience, but … I have mentioned in your PC recaps my worker who is in a new region, the quick repairs were amazing for him, apparently in A.o.W everyone repairs constantly - he hit his milestones, all of them, from 3 wars, 3!!! So I guess if you are in a new region, you want them repairing as quick as possible, because they are going to do it anyways winning or losing…

The no tower war was a fine idea, but it didn’t need to happen in the last war of the event, we had a couple of our mid range guys - get agonizingly close to getting the Avatar but just couldn’t quite make it, if they had the use of towers it might have happened for them. It was just a cruel twist at the end. The no towers also hurt our little guys as well, we have some low level accounts - kids, and for them with their Raulito, F2P team with a six star or 2, they are not beating Mecer,Pete,Princess,Frost,Doc teams without towers, our little’s were there just to make up numbers, in the last war.

Overall though - it was a good experience and I had fun.


Definitely loved the no towers war the most. Made you really work hard to beat most teams.

The total war missions was excellent, we could definitely have more missions like that in the future.

Overall, the total war experience was better than expected. 5/5 for that event :+1::+1:


I liked no Towers…

I’m a f2p player but idk I really liked without towers.

Scored my highest ever without then 350k self 400k fac

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I liked one quick rebuild but 3 was ridiculous. You had people slowing everyone down by continually repairing even though the rest of their faction was down.
I don’t think Scopely would make this a permanent feature anyway as they’d lose money from coins.

No towers or one strong tower is ok for occasional events but regular wars should have 3.
I particularly liked the burn tower (although the cooldown was so short that we spent more time fighting for the tower than fighting) and the slow one. Some of my faction mates didn’t seem to understand that the slow tower made the difference between winning and losing against much tougher teams. It held back their AR an extra turn which is everything when a single AR can blow up half your team lol.

Nobody in a mid to lower faction should want a 1 minute attack cooldown. Unless they just want to be dead before they have chance to get any points. It’s way too short. But the current one is also too long. 2 minutes was an improvement.

Overall it was a pretty good event with decent rewards.
I hope they consider adding the stash in as a permanent feature for war. They could maybe add card choice boxes and just get rid of the crappy wheel.


Sloooow tower :heart:


Interesting idea. Would that be one tower among others, or multiple that could stack to 30% (3)

Do you three have anything to say to my points above about weaker players using them? And/or cans? Just testing everyone’s thinking :blush:

What about Scouting timer? This one I’m not balancing thinking, I’m challenging you :joy: By cutting this time, are you not reducing the chance to Scout and earn raid cans, trophies? Organise/call towers properly?

I liked the burn tower. I could win. Lol. What would you say to reconcile those who thought it was too powerful to be remotely problem-solving. I.e it was insta win.

Yes! This AND Scout time. The Other Place are fucREDACTED crazy cats on speed. If one minute wins here I do no more polls :joy::joy:

Thank you all for the inputs. Very useful and it’s what makes the meat in my writeup :blush: Hence the greed in wanting more lol


I think no towers is more fun for people who enjoy holding us up with superman whale toon defs. So not for me. But ya know, probs good for business every now and then? Lets them get their money’s worth