PC Parker Polls: The Depots


Greetings Forumers!

I was informed the PC is a year old. We’re going to celebrate with a throwback poll to a throwback issue. The Depots!

They do indeed. They need an update again. NOT to influence your answers on Question 1…

10 questions ahead. I want to establish what depots we still use, what items we still buy in them, and then run through some suggestions on how to improve them.

NOTE: I’ve excluded the League Store. It’s not officially a Depot. It does need some adjustments but we can focus on them another time.

NOTE 2: A bit of context behind some of these questions. Some of the Depots seem to be tilted towards certain items, and I think that’s an interesting way forward. The way I see it:

  • Supply Depot - General
  • Gear Markers - Lower level gear (Higher level is in League Store)
  • Survival Depot - Mods
  • Assault Depot - Potentially an Armoury-based depot…

Bear that in mind.

Anyway, the questions:

Q1) Do you want the Depots to be updated?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Unsure

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Q2) Which Depots do you regularly buy from?

  • Supply Markers
  • Gear Markers
  • Survival Markers
  • Assault Markers
  • I don’t buy from any of them

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Q3) Which items do you like in the Supply Depot?

  • Refills (World / Raid / War)
  • AR/AS Trainers
  • XP Trainers
  • 3* Weapons
  • 4* Weapons
  • 4* Characters
  • 5* Characters
  • I don’t like any of them

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Q4) Suggestions for the future of the Supply Depot?

  • Reduce costs?
  • Quicker refresh?
  • Increase quantities of trainers?
  • Include all types of refills?
  • Refill choice box?
  • Replace 4* + 1 5* slot with armoury items?
  • Other?

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Q5) Which items do you like from the Gear Marker Depot?

  • x10,000 Food
  • x100,000 Food
  • The gear
  • I don’t like any of them

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Q6) Suggestions for the future of the Gear Marker Depot?

  • Reduce costs?
  • Increase the amounts?
  • Replace 10k Food with 100k Wood?
  • Keep this for lower gear, make higher gear more accessible in League Store?
  • Other?

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Q7) Which items do you like from the Survival Depot?

  • 4* Characters
  • 5* Characters
  • 6* Characters
  • Gear for those characters
  • 4* Weapons
  • Drug Kits
  • Silver Mods
  • Gold Mods
  • Mystery Mod boxes
  • Platinum Mods
  • Mod Scrap boxes
  • Trainers
  • Ascendance Medal boxes
  • I don’t like any of them

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Q8) Suggestions for the future of the Survival Depot?

  • Reduce costs?
  • New 5* Weapon?
  • Increase the amounts of Medals?
  • Other?

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Q9) Which items do you like from the Assault Depot?

  • Collectables for the exclusive characters
  • Gear for the exclusive characters
  • 6* T3 Gear
  • 6* T4 Gear
  • Trainers
  • Bag of Weapon Tokens
  • Bag of 4* Tokens
  • Bag of 5* Tokens
  • Armoury Items
  • I don’t like any of them

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Q10) Suggestions for the future of the Assault Depot?

  • Reduce costs?
  • Remove normal gear slots, replace with armoury items?
  • Armoury item choice box?
  • New exclusive S-Class?
  • Have the S-Class gear available in the store, not in prizes? (to avoid another Flare Gun situation)
  • Boost the amount of tokens available in the bags?
  • Other?

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If you could please take the time to answer, I’d be eternally grateful. More that answer the stronger the argument for change is.

Also, please feel free to leave any and all thinking / justifications / reasons behind your answers below. All of that is included in the write-up. On certain things like cost reductions / quicker refreshes / higher amounts, I very much need some numbers from you all.

EDIT: See Post 9 for a handy Costs format

Polling closes Thursday 18:00 PDT


At the moment I only use the SR depot for platinum mods and the Assault depot for trainers.
Nothing else there is worth the amount they cost. If they improve what was in there and lowered the costs there might be an incentive to get other things.

Also there’s a real imbalance in the value of items between depots. Trainers cost an insane amount of SR points but are relatively cheap in the supply depot (except for Ulysses who inexplicably costs 21000 points?!).

I mostly use the gear depot for food, as I find the gear is cheaper to obtain elsewhere so I’ll only buy it there out of desperation.


Want to throw me some examples of improved costs for those two things? To begin with

I have zero opinions on costs right now, and I’m happy to let the community take the driving seat in what I argue. Lol

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My pipe dream would be just 1 currency. Put everything in league tokens. You sell a high level toon or weapon? You get league tokens. Finish an FA? Get league tokens. You get my point.

Then you can separate the shops: gear, trainers, armory weapons, special toons/gear, mods, food. Get rid of of limits/timers on the gear. Have the rest refresh weekly. Much simpler imo. It would make FA worth running again as well.


I’d have hoped the radical ‘change the entire system’ came later than 2 comments in :laughing:

I have noted. As a step-down, would making the Assault depot more armoury-focused, e.g you could have higher rarity items in there - varnish, grease, maybe armoury token bags - make Assault worth doing again?

Or the exclusive S-Class too

Armory items and tokens? Yes absolutely. I wouldn’t want an exclusive S-Class unless the toons and special gear were exclusive to the depot. Tara was a nightmare. By the time I got her, I just sold her as she was already useless.


I’m not really a numbers person :joy: I just know that 110000 points for one Brady is ridiculous. One Brady is not worth over 1/4 of a platinum mod to me.

I’m probably the wrong person to figure it out because I don’t do the daily road, I only do tournaments so I don’t know the figures well enough to get the balance right between the availability of the points and the cost. I only know it’s currently wrong. :laughing:


Ja that’s what I mean by having it available in the store. I’m lifting some feedback I had about flare guns there. Assault just gives you the prize bags and a marker amount. You can then buy that collectables/gear in the store.

To try and streamline what will be numerous questions on costs. Feel free to add how much you’d want to pay for each from each depot. Copy/paste it. All of it. Some of it. Any of it. I’ll take anything.

Supply Depot Costs:
Meghan -
Lilith / Ulysses -
Brady -
Benedict -
4* Weapon -
5* -
Refill -
*Refill choice box

Gear Marker Costs:
10k Food -
100k Food / Wood -
Uncommon Gear -
Elite Gear -
Ultra Gear -

Survival Depot Costs:
5* Characters -
6* Characters -
Sleeping Bags / Multi Tools -
4* Weapons -
Drug Kits -
Silver Mods -
Platinum Mods -
Mod Scrap -
Brady -
Benedict -
Ascendance Medals -
5* Weapon -

Assault Depot Costs:
Collectables / gear for an S-Class
Brady -
Benedict -
Token bags -
4* armoury gear -
5* armoury gear -
Collectables / gear for an S-Class -

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That’s how much!!!

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I have a hunch - just a hunch - that that might be a very hard ask.


I could say with confidence after playing this game for over 2 years all the stuff wrong with all the shops in the game.
It’s not necessarily about how much items will cost or how many items its going to be available ,its that complicated of a issue, its no moving or twinkling, it needs major Updates!!!

Starting on the oldest shop ,a dinosaur and takes 7 days cooldown, it should refresh daily so players can stock refill choice boxes or buy trainers and xp trainers for a reasonable price, no *4 wepow needed or *5 characters either, on the Sclass era its time to add *5 Sclass to the depot for the same price of 55k, that’s a way to newer players to get old characters, Pete, Prya, Raulito, etc…

The gear…oh dear the prices are extremely high…over 30m in food for a long colt…it’s insane and the limit its unreasonable ,no need of gear that we can get just playing the game…walkie talkies and school bags are one of the most needed gears for lv up characters *5 tier 3 and *6 tier one ,they should be there daily as well with limit of 4 each and for reasonable price too ,not 50m in food for one item

Survival, its another one that could have exclusive Sclass characters, characters with the intention of been useful for game play like what about a character with a huge items drop or xp gain for team ,something like that and the diamond mod box should be a choice box for the price or cut in half for a random one ,no need of trainers in here especially for this insane price, only the exclusive characters, the gears for themselves,mod box and drug kits should be in here for a more reasonable price as well.

Assault, this shop is dead !!! People are not even playing Assalt anymore bcs the shop is dead…in here it should be all about wepows and mods and critical crafting items available to exchange.

The league, only needs to increase amounts of items to purchase to at least double the amount or cut the cooldown price in half,and varnish could be cheaper too so as the *5 gears.

The season league, c’mon copy and paste from last season…and the price it’s unbelievable disproportional it cost twice as much the Sclass on the store…does that means it’s tha good of a wepow or the character its complete useless…makes no sense ,and the Sclass boxes should have more options to choose from.
That how bad all the shops in the game needs a major update that fits better the daily needs like energy cans,raid cans etc ,trainers and gears, its time to make the game more relevant,the road to survival lvs needs to be increased again, the Assault missions needs new bosses and better rewards for the whole faction no need for competition between faction teammates for mediocre rewards give a accomplishment reward for the whole faction when beating the Assault ,that’s how should work for the faction Assault.
The black market it’s the only shop that constantly updates but it have a different functionality in the game ,it works parallel with the museum items and cards,comics and promos…but at the same time make to other shops kind of useless since they all so outdated.


I dont really know Parker - I was just slapping numbers down without doing any math, so these are just guestimations really. For me the Depots dont really offer a purchasing experience - I get food, I buy the long coats, but would like to purchase them at 5 - 10 a time, not one, and the assault depot is my only source of purchasable Silver Paint, so thats all I ever buy there, ( I think I got a Benny once?).

I have not brought a weapon for a long time - i did pick-up ascendable Gator the other week (just as a collectible - the games only generalist), but I find the cost of trainers far to astronomically high.

The Depots are very sad.

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One thing for sure, is that I do not understand why a Ulysses trainer would cost 21,000 supply markers, while a Meghan and Lilith cost around 2,000.

But PLEASE DO NOT mark up Lilith to 21,000… Mark Ulysses down to 2,000+


Scopley - What’s that you want Lillith to cost more, we will increase all trainers to cost 50,000. We are glad to be of assistance to you, Keep on surviving

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Wow aiming big here… like it reach for the stars climb every mountain higher (sright I went there)

Q3 I ticked 5* but for clarification I cannot stress enough this is relevant 5* to compete museum collections… given museum points mean jack then let us compete to collections to free up space for scalss trades…

Q6 gear… feel that needs to be handled carefully as scopes loves to taketh away…

I use SD for cans and trainers… SR trainers and plat mods… Gear markers for food maybe one piece gear is short 1 to level up… FA? Total waste who plays it anymore even events are rubbish… if happen to have any tho go on bennies

For me all overpriced and the difference in price is outrageous as no consistency…

No-one is going to buy 3* or 4* toons… not even new players… every day we get a free token and from themI’ve pulled loads ascendables so that argument about 3* and 4*relevance an use is moot. We need trainers in abundance l, gear in abundance and refreshes more regular.

Universal token idea is great with one depot or separated into toons, Gear, food/wood

I hate the special gear for certain toons I.e flare guns etc as it doesn’t make for unique experience when overcharge and restrict the gear… Tara became irrelevan and almost a unicorn to level

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I’ve not got the time or the inclination to go through it all in too much detail, but I will say that pretty much all depots are horrible out of date.

FA is the number 1 offender, i mean Tara had her uses but not any more, i’ll bet that most got her 6* long after she was useful. the other 5* and 4* are a waste of space. the depot and the event rewards need updating, be it with an S class exclusive or just S class gear/trainers

SR - probably been noted somewhere but how about an SR exclusive S class? trainers are massivly over priced, as are the weapons

Gear markers - can i buy more please? i have 1.7mil markers doing very little

Supply depot - 3*/4* toons? really? get some s class gear in there or even toons and i might start spending the markers on something other than raid refills

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Supply Depot Costs :
Meghan -1000
Lilith / Ulysses -2500
Brady -500
Benedict -2000
4* Weapon -5000
5* -20k
5* Ascendable - 30-40k
Refill -100
*Refill choice box

Gear Marker Costs :
10k Food -10
100k Food / Wood -100
Uncommon Gear -125
Elite Gear -200
Ultra Gear -350

Survival Depot Costs:
5* Characters -40-50k
6* Characters -150-200k
Sleeping Bags / Multi Tools -10-15k
4* Weapons -25k
Drug Kits -5k
Silver Mods -7k
Platinum Mods -100-150k
Mod Scrap -Not sure what the bundles are but maybe 5-20k?
Brady -5k
Benedict -25k
Ascendance Medals -Not sure what bundles are but maybe 5-25k?
5 Weapon* -200k

Assault Depot Costs:
Leaving this one blank since I recently came back and have yet to play one of these so forgot what the prize amounts are
Collectables / gear for an S-Class
Brady -
Benedict -
Token bags -
4* armoury gear -
5 armoury gear* -
Collectables / gear for an S-Class

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Oh boy, the depots. All of it is out dated and is bordering on being useless. Since I’m in a bad bucket and can’t seem to get a good amount of supply markers, I tend to be a bit stingy here. I only buy the cans and if I’m desperate a trainer. The 5s have to go cause they are from the 5 era. At the very least they could put an ascenable here. I also feel they need to lower those prices especially for the toons, trainers and weapon. The quantity needs to increase too. Paying that amount for 1 trainer is insane.

The gear markers are also a bit high. I buy food here and the price is ok (my opinion). The rest of it could do with a price cut. I know they want us to buy from the league store but this is a backup for when you are waiting for the league store to refresh cause you don’t want to use precious coins. This is price gouging. The quantity also needs to increase where you could at least buy 2 at a time.

The survival depot has the most use due to platinum mods. They could lower the price here also. An ascendable toon here would be good. I rarely use the character I got from here. This is a bit sad.

Assualt depot is a wasteland. The toons we got a while back are no longer viable in the game. I honestly think I sold Tara and she wasn’t finished yet. The league store needs to have either the quantity increase or the timer needs to decrease. The prices are way too high especially for the varnish and grease cause we know how bad it is to craft weapons. I know I wasted both cause of the bad rng from the armory.

In short, everything is overpriced and undervalued.


Other - World map farmable 2* and 3* gear seems completely useless except maybe for the very newest of players, and those already have the useless radio road maps. Yet they take 4 of the 8 gear slots in this depot. Switch to 1 slot world-map farmable 2* gear, 1 slot farmable 3* gear, 3 elite rare gear, 3 ultra rare gear. Ideally, the 3 ultra/elite rare gear slots would be guaranteed 2 persona-specific gear types and one guaranteed slot for universal gear (i.e. walkies/bags for URG and jackets/beanies for ERG)

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