PC Parker Polls: Territory Types


Greetings Forumers!

We always say territories should be updated, but then we break out into a bar fight over which should be kept, which should be changed, or what should be added.

To try and unpick all this, I’d like to dedicate the poll this week to Territory Types.

If you can please spare the time to answer the questions, the more people that answer, the more it helps massively in making the result a valuable and legitimate piece of evidence for pushing for change :slightly_smiling_face:

The Questions:

Q1) Do you use territories?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Sometimes
  • Only for League Trophies

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Q2) Which individual territory Boosts do you like/use? (NOT including specific values, just the effect theoretically)

  • Weapon Critical chance
  • Weapon Crafting success
  • Disassembling Bonus
  • Stat (Att/Def/HP/Crit) boosts
  • Increased Item Drop chance
  • Increased Material generation
  • Increased Scavenger Mission success
  • Increased Character XP
  • Increased Player XP
  • Increased World Energy regeneration
  • Increased Reputation gain
  • Increased Survivor drop
  • Decreased Training time
  • Decreased Build time
  • I don’t like/use any of them

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Q3) What Items (Tokens) do you like? (NOT including specific values, just the item theoretically)

  • Elite Tokens
  • 4* Tokens
  • 5* Tokens
  • Weapon Tokens
  • I don’t like any of them

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Q4) Which Territory Group Boosts do you like/use? (NOT including specific values, just the effect theoretically)

  • Increased Stamina Damage to enemies
  • Increased HP to all characters
  • Increased attack to all characters
  • Increased defence to all characters
  • I don’t like/use any of them

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**Q5) Which values, if you want that territory to remain, should be increased? (NOW talking about specific values)

  • +15% Weapon Critical chance
  • +15% Weapon Crafting success
  • +25% Disassembling Bonus
  • +5% Stat boosts
  • +15% Stat boosts
  • +20% Item Drop Chance
  • +20% Material generation
  • +25% Scavenger Mission success
  • +15% Character XP
  • +25% Player XP
  • +20% World Energy Regeneration
  • +30% Reputation gain
  • +20% Survivors found
  • -20% Training time
  • -20% Build time
  • None of these should be increased

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Q6) Of Items and Group Boosts, which values should be increased?

  • x12 Elite Tokens per hour
  • x7 4* Tokens per hour
  • x6 Weapon Tokens per hour
  • x4 5* Tokens per hour
  • None of the Items should be increased
  • +30% Stamina Damage to enemies
  • +10% HP to all characters
  • +10% attack to all characters
  • +10% defence to all characters
  • None of the Group Boosts should be increased

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**Q7) Could there be any new Boosts / Items / Group Boosts?

  • Yes (Leave suggestions below)
  • No

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Much appreciated if you reached this part :blush:
Please feel free to leave all opinions and thoughts or any of the questions or answers below, that too will be accounted for in the write-up

Polling closes Thursday 18:00 PDT


You left off an important one. Where is the for crits and toon xp boosts only option as the rest of the spaces are outdated and complete and utter :poop:.

Territories is crap. Trash it. Seriously.

I hope they are paying you for your time @Parker. :laughing:


Well that’s Q2 lol. Tick those two off.

Or, if you like other territories, but not with the amounts they give, then that’s Q5

Thought of everything :sweat_smile:

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Yes but besides the crit boosts that never work and the bonus XP for leveling up territories is a total waste of time.

It’s outdated like most of the rest of the game. Scav camps, depots, etc.

How would you update them?

Eliet tokens I think are the best value for sure. I end up grabbing a ton of good stuff from there. Nobody wants them so you stack them up fast. Would like to see more but I dont think the amounts are poor, really. Sure more would be nice. Wouldnt want to lose their spots for any of the other tokens. If they did implement some more useful territories and took some of the elites away I would say they need a raise. Doing so would probably create more use ie revenue though but even then i just dont see people buying territory cans.

Weapon tokens are okay I guess, have pulled a stun gun off there. I’d rather have basic tokens than 4 star or 5 star as long as the quantity is decent, say, idk 6-10 an hour. They help more for lvl up and NO ONE needs a four star token toon. The 5 star tokens could be good if the wheel werent perpetually out of date.

Maybe throw some older s class five stars (maybe they dont want to because people have hoarded so many, but the people hoarding probably dont need a 5* pete or pryia at this point) in there or a card choice box. We know how well that went though lol.

The team boosts I dont really seek out they’re just an added bonus. I think they’re okay and should stay simple. I like them being a small boost and I guess wouldnt hate something piddily like 200 burn for two turns but that might be annoying to code? Idk. It’s already glitchy.

I actively use build time, extra survivors, gear drop and the weapon terries. Those are all helpful. I dont think theres a food one like there is for material gathering. Thatd be nice. Ummmm…

That’s about all that I can think of off the top of my head.


Well if it were up to me I would remove all the stupid useless tokens and 5% boosts and just add cards and gear. This is what we want and need. They also need to be in a choice box. No RNG.

I also said it like a billion times in the past but I also think we should get rewarded for holding the spot. That way people will think twice about walkering all the damn time and instead add-in that def team. Especially if that were the only way to get the cards and gear.


That’s very interesting :thinking: very interesting indeed. Hmm. Lol.

5* tokens are ok as an item because ascendance fodder. Though the current amount of x4 negates any advantage

Question to the floor. I wonder if people would want territories bringing a tower-like aspect to raids. That too is interesting

Otherwise, some good ideas in there :blush:

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They already have territories that work in raids, they’re just really low boosts (+5%).


Q6 - rather have them replaced with better drops than increased


Getting an update to territories with increased values and some new boosts would definitely be nice. Territories is quite stale right now, bringing it up to date with the current meta couldn’t hurt.

As far as suggestions go,

  • A Decreased Weapon Craft Time Territory. This territory would decrease the length of a craft by 15% to 20%.

  • A Mod Scrap Conversion Boost Territory. This territory would boost your Mod Scrap conversion rate by +15% to +20%.

  • A Veteran Ring Territory. This territory that would give out small amounts of Vet Rings.

  • A Armory Token Territory. This territory would give out Armory Tokens.

  • A Ascendance (Silver) Medals Territory. This territory would give out Ascendance Medals.

  • A Legendary (Gold) Medals Territory. This territory would give out Legendary Medals.


What kind of dropa?

The token amounts need increasing drastically if they are to remain
4* toon tokens should be removed or increasing alot… 5* similar, i’ve not pulled of that wheel in months. But that in itself is another comment - The wheels need an update

Elite tokens atleast give you a chance at pulling something useful, but again the amount needs increasing.

Weapon crafting tokens would be nice, along with ascendance medals, scrap and maybe mods

Territories are so buggy, they need a good dose of looking at


Hi Parker thanks for the poll, it has some interesting results I think.

I am a little simple maybe, or just over thought it, but I got stuck on Question 1! I do use territories, but hardly ever my full energy, and some days I forget they exist, so I put myself as Sometimes.

In question 3 I put that I like the 4 star tokens, but realistically they need to be something like 500 per hour to be useful, that way you could actually get some 4 stars from the four star wheel to turn into Trainers, and those terrys would then have some sort of value.

I actually dont bother for the group bonus at all, its pointless. What I do go for is this

  • Critical crafting Success chance

  • Character Level Up

  • Survivor Drop

  • Def During Raids (this is often over looked, even though the bonus is tiny I think it can make a big difference during a raid tourny)

Im not doing territories for the tokens they are more a happy bi-product, I would really like to see the amounts of 4 star tokens massively increased though, if we are to bother having them there at all,


No thanks. Your region’s whale(ish) faction will take these spots and stack them sky-high regardless of any territory agreements the region currently has.

I like your 1st two suggestions. The rest will just lead to even more problems.


What about armoury tokens as replacement for 4* tokens? Or some of them

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I just feel that adding any any of these types of tokens such as armory and ascendance are just going to lead us back to the time where the whale factions kept the good spots for themselves 24/7. Think back It was that way for a long time with the crits.

If these are the kinds of changes they are thinking of then I would rather keep it exactly the way it is now. I also don’t miss getting 400 annoying messages to stack territories all the time either.

If they are going to do this then they need to change how territories work as a whole. They need to add a max limit of spaces a faction can hold at one time and they should also limit the number of defensive teams each spot can hold as well.


These ideas I’m pulling across from the Other Place to wash them through here lol.

Although I did raise a similar issue, particularly with the weapon territories. If you boost them too much, or increase token output, will selfish factions not overrule 3-year old crit agreements


It’s a discussion for another day, the chunky questions meant I had to cut this down to just the types.

But I really liked @YSpammer’s defence penalities per every territory held. E.g if you hold 8 you’re looking at -80% def. Granted that was for a territory event. But could fitted in a lesser degree to 2-5* territories. Maybe


Scoples is just looking to see how they can get people to buy cans here. All I see is whale factions taking over territories again if any of these proposed changes come to life.

The little guys are going to get screwed over as per usual.

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