PC Parker Polls: Onslaught


Greetings Forumers!

This week’s poll I’d like to focus on Onslaught. Widely regarded as the best event in the game.

But of course, I’m here to make sure you agree :upside_down_face:
If you could please take the time to answer the questions, it’d be incredibly helpful in ensuring the changes everyone likes are being pushed for on this mode.

The questions:

Q1) What do you think of Onslaught?

  • Love it
  • Like it
  • Neutral
  • Dislike it
  • Hate it

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Q2) Do you usually rank inside the Top 10?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Sometimes

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Q3) Which items of the rank rewards do you like?

  • Faction Trophies
  • S-Class Cards Choice Box
  • Trainers
  • Ascendance Medals
  • I don’t like any of the rewards
  • I don’t get any of the rewards (except trophies)

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Q4) Do you try to use the no-AR bonus?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Sometimes

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Q5) Which missions do you reach?

  • We easily reach 1000
  • We reach 1000
  • We reach 500
  • We don’t reach 500

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Q6) Which mission items do you like?

  • 16 S-Class Card Choice Boxes
  • 6,250 Armoury Tokens
  • 7,500 5* Tokens
  • I don’t like any of them

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Q7) What do you think of the change to card choices?

  • I like the new card choice
  • I don’t find the new cards useful / I don’t need them
  • The amounts should be higher
  • Older cards should be available

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Q8) Suggestions for the future?

  • Change the score-bonus type?
  • Extend the 3 rank rewards down all ranks?
  • Add an Onslaught battle log?
  • Lower the energy coin price?
  • Other (leave below!)

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Polling closes Thursday 18:00 PDT

Feel free to leave all thoughts and feelings on Onslaught below!


The most recent one was the worst one by far the worst not enough cards and not really any toon I wanted 20 was laughable worse than the 30 daily which also still should be changed.

Our faction put the least effort in for this one and only hit 500 this time because we just did see the rewards fitting the effort we put in.


Energy cans with the ability to stock them whether it be by purchase or earning them


Increase/decrease the timers… I can’t speak for everyone but don’t envisage many coining into a frenzy for these events…

Warm ups/cool downs then intervals… make the whole thing quicker. Increase free energy either by regeneration/can/both.

Card boxes need all cards in it…

I find the events decent for the cards and fact can dip in an out at my leisure but my god it’s slow… 4 hits then waiting an waiting with a side of waiting as wait…


I agree with you that Onslaught is better than war for these two reasons.

  • Matchmaking is much more fair as it’s league based
  • No queue so anyone can jump in and score when they have the free time

Add individual milestones to onslaught and it would be perfect.


Would you structure milestones on individual point scored or wins made? (Like missions)

I think cooldown timers are to help with matchmaking, to a degree. I can still mention it though, you’re not the first to bring it up today

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Points might be tough because there are people like myself who can win all 4 attacks nearly all the time without rushing and there are other players who can’t so I think it would be better to do it as a mission structure and just have each win count towards the rewards.

Plus the mission structure is already in place so it should be super easy to get it up and running.


wait a minute… people regard onslaught as the best event in the game who are these people


@IronandWine I’m one of those who doesn’t (and pretty much can’t) play to the no AR bonus. So I’d be a bit eh to points milestones. Win works though

@Oldman Me! #Onslaughtmasterrace


I prefer onslaught to war. Anything that lets me change my focus when I need to is preferable to something that demands my focused attention for hours.


No rush used to be a fun challenge but I dunno anymore. Feel like certain toons have killed it for me.

Rewarding different dimensions of play is good though. Was talking in the faction earlier about how t1 centric arenas are and how dull that is


My problem with points milestones is that it encourages selfish play - picking off low defenses for the no-AR win. I want our strongest guys to go after the strongest defenses, not the weakest.


Sorry but that makes no sense to me. If you want to rank in the top 10 where the cards are you need to put up the most points possible. I also said I was not in favor of a point-scoring system for milestones but just to track each individual win.

That being said having your weakest players still using an ar to take out their weakest squad does nothing to help you achieve that goal as even if you manage to take out all 30 opponents that bonus nets you a much smaller amount of points than if your heavies do their job right.

Also, on a personal note, I usually take out the middle-top because I know they won’t pose a problem as well as allowing some of our less strong players to grab the low hanging fruit. It’s about using strategy and each teammate knowing what they as an individual are capable of achieving.

We tell our new or more casual players not to worry about the score and just focus on getting in 4 attacks as often as possible to get us closer to the faction goal of 1,000 attacks. Our few heavy hitters focus on taking care of our score.

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Don’t forget you can use actives. Put together a squad that is capable of controlling the defense with actives and just let Priya with her double attack rampage basic hits do the rest. Pair her up with Princess and your more than good to go.

You have 30 min to get off 4 attacks so unlike war it’s not about speed, at all.

Mileage may vary for factions in diamond but in platinum, I’ve yet to have any issues.

I’m the heavy hitter though :rofl: I usually contribute about 160-ish of the 1000 and I’m always hitting the strongest. I can’t afford to be experimental or we likely won’t hit all missions

The 1000 wins milestone is far more important than the rank, especially for factions like mine that may not get any rank rewards. If my strongest guys hit the weakest defenses, my weakest guys don’t get any wins and the faction as a whole may lose out on the last milestone.


Yeah but a win against their “top” player, which is based not on actual team strength and composition but just who has the most s-class toons jammed all together, using an AR does nothing to help your faction finish in the top 10.

The focus should be on not using any AR’s and scoring that bonus. My faction isn’t what I would call very active and we always seem to manage to make it to 1,000 by the end.

Also this past one the rank rewards were much better than the faction ones so finishing top 10 at the cost of missing the last mission milestone would still have netted a much better reward, in my opinion.

I see your point but I guess it boils down to balance and your opponents. If finishing top 10 is unlikely then sure getting to 1,000 hits is more important but if you want to get the rank rewards you have to be able to figure out how to not use your AR’s.

If you do it right you can achieve both. My faction does so I know it’s possible and we are about as casual as it comes.

You’re looking at it from the point of view of someone who will easily make those kills and still can finish top 10. There are twice as many factions in a league who will not make top 10 than there are factions that will. Most factions have to be realistic about which is more achievable, and just because someone is in a faction where the risk/reward is to go after mission milestones, doesn’t mean they’re wrong.