PC Parker Polls: Old School Hordes

*Checks to see it’s spelt right* Not Hoardes. Or the one beginning with W. Or Hordez. Or whatever remixes people conjecture up


Greetings Forumers!

Last week saw the return of Hordes. Hordes. And it was limited to 5*s. Did that float your boat or sink your ships? (Not an actual question)

The actual 8 questions are as follows, if you could please take the time to complete them it’d be invaluably helpful,

The questions:

Q1) What did you think of the return of Hordes?

  • Loved it
  • Liked it
  • Neutral
  • Disliked it
  • Hated it

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Q2) Was the gameplay of 5* Hordes an improvement off S-Class / old Hordes?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Unsure

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Q3) What did you think of the difficulty?

  • It was too difficult
  • It was about right
  • It was too easy

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Q4) If you had to make it more difficult, how would you do that?

  • Keep 5*, nerf walker stats
  • Bring back 6*
  • Bring back S-Class
  • I wouldn’t make it more difficult

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Q5) Did you find the markers from the Hordes Roadmap useful?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Somewhat

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Q6) Which of the rewards did you like this time?

  • Rank Rewards
  • Milestones
  • Faction Missions
  • Post-Battle Rewards
  • I didn’t like any of them

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Q7) How often would you like to see Hordes?

  • Every week
  • Every 2 weeks
  • Every month
  • Less often than every month

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Q8) Suggestions for the future?

  • Have 3 items for all rank rewards?
  • Have a faction mission for 1000 wins?
  • 100k milestone?
  • Make it more difficult?
  • Other? (Leave below!)

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Yes! I do want you to leave pages and pages of words below. Tell me your thinking. My write up to Scopely does not simply say ‘Here’s Question 6, this happened’.

I say why. But you need to tell me why.

If you can spare the time of course. Please and thankyou.

Polling closes Thursday 18:00 PDT


I didn’t participate other than running the roadmap and collecting cards that I never end up using :rofl: For me Hordes is in the same category as yawnslaught, boring AF.

But I did like the addition of Faction Missions though I think that was a good move on their part and increasing it to a 1000 would be nice.

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I would like to see some more new turrets and terrain…


That’s interesting.

Any suggestions or examples? Or leave the imagination to higher powers? Lol

Where is the NEVER AGAIN option? Hordez blows. :zombie: :gun:

Delete the code and never run it again. :laughing:


It was kind of boring after getting used to it again. 5* were way too weak, and everything played out the same way - play some fodder and feed them. Didn’t even get a second feed the fodder, and it didn’t matter

Not sure how to fix this. Raising the difficulty might help, but probably all the card effects/costs need to be adjusted.

Part of the problem is also the number of matches you need to play. It’s fun, but 6 matches fun, not 60 matches fun.

Rewards only for top 15 is a travesty, but I’ve mostly given up hope on that.


I removed it. I knew you and your kind would spoil the posivibes. Lol


I’ve not. It’s endemic in all league based tourneys

I wonder if you think any QoL suggestions might alleviate that somewhat? Or is it a hard no

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Hordes were too easy this time for a few reasons:

  1. Most people don’t mod out 5*s aside from Old School Arena.
  2. Many didn’t care to participate or put up a decent Old School team
  3. 5*s do not have enough of a diversity of characters/mechanics to form a useful defense. While many of the new S-class do have useful 5* versions, most players will not keep those characters at 5*s just for the sake of hordes.

That said, defense is not as important as offense. Players, who previously struggled with hordes, will enjoy having 80-100% win rate rather than 40-50% (with added time of waiting for the right enemy to come across).

I enjoyed hordes when it was about strategy and knowing how to beat a tough defense. If enemy was revive/heal heavy, I’d bring heal reduction/decap zombies. If enemies had command/camo characters, I’d bring confuse/impair effects. If enemy had a mix, I’d run crawler zombies + smoke screen and defense reduction effects.

Of course, the other issue is that if they were to allow Hordes for both 6*s and/or S-class, there’s the issue of power creep. One way to combat that is to either:

  1. Raise the limits of cards allowed in each Horde match
  2. Add new cards that have multi-functional purposes
  3. Buff the stats of zombies to still allow for players to easily maintain a 40-50% win rate (if they just put no thought into an offense strategy)
  4. Introduce special Horde themes that possibly disable/enable new mechanics

The best part about hordes used to be the massive amount of gold mods you received for milestones. Bring that back but throw in a couple of plat mods for top stones.

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We’ve been complaining about the league event rewards structure for two years. They always kept them, and added extra mission event instead. Seems like that’s the way they want it.

I don’t think qol changes will help a lot. Sure, they will make something that’s not particularly interesting less annoying, but they won’t make it more fun. The problem is that the mode is not particularly deep right now - it just lacks the variety and strategy to do hundreds of matches and feel good about it. If the choice is between less pain doing something not very interesting for hours, and not having to do it in the first place, I know what I would go for.

That might be the way to go until they can redesign all the cards/terrain etc - lower milestones and much slower energy regeneration so that you need to do fewer matches, but still require the same amount of cans. Have it have a much lower impact on leagues, so that people will not be forced to do it unless they want to.


You know it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously hordez blows. They took it away for a year to “work” on it and the only thing they changed was we could only use 5-stars ( even though there were s-class defenses out there at the start). Bravo! Well worth the wait. :wink:


Horder for me usually was great to play before the rank system, when it was only reaching the milestones and that’s it but now its just like a raid tournament in which more cans you use more points you can earn. We still have the milestones and I’m sorry to say that scop fail to put anniversary banners in there “probably to try to squeeze some mula from last 3 days of event” but anyways maybe card choice box could be in milestones as well and eliminate the rank rewards system is unfair and lots of players had no chance to compete with top players so less rewarding for spending so many cans.
They can create a event missions to complete certain requirements; like unlock certain zombies or action cards,kill 100 humans, kill a team with no action cards, accumulate 20 zombies or more on the field, etc
I remember horde it was all about milestones and it was fun now we compete between each other and that’s how it’s not fun anymore.


I don’t know if removing rank rewards might be popularly shared view…

I might be wrong but I think it always had rank rewards, these ones just happened to be decent and noticeable lol


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It always had a rank but if I remember right not from the beginning it was given rewards it was more like a milestones accomplishment a win for everyone that reached top milestones back then gold mod box.
Now it’s more competitive whos spending more cans than whos got better defense or strategy to beat them.

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Fix the damn RNG!! At least give the same set of cards to everyone to start with. Let the further draws be RNG.
I see people running 3 whisperers and boom box Walkers, when I didn’t get a single of those after two days of playing.


I tried to be positive in the poll but honestly if I never saw hordes again I wouldn’t be bothered.

The milestones were ok and the the faction missions were a good addition but every rank should have a reward. Or at least the top 100 or something, but top 15 was ridiculous. Although the entire event is so tedious maybe if you have the time and enthusiasm to push for a top rank maybe you deserve that reward :joy:

I lost the will to participate once I hit milestones.

I’m glad it was a 5* event, using stronger toons would have made it even more dull. I got lucky with my cards, watching a horde from boombox walkers swarm toons was the most enjoyable part of the event. :grin:

If they were to make it a 6* toon event they would need to buff the walkers accordingly.


Ha yeah

Hordes needed a lot of work to be fun. Very dissapointing to find it was the same but with s class removed. I guess it was at least playable. Not fun, but at least you could score this time

Nearly ruined my league week cos lunatics canning millions of points


Q1 Loved it! I have been eagerly looking forward to the return of Hordes for months, I am good at Hordes, I was stoked to see it return.

Q2 Hands down it was an improvement S Class hordes was unplayable.

Q3 It was a cake walk, not a lot of strategy went into winning matches, I found that Sheer weight of numbers was plenty to overwhelm 5 star def

Q4 I actually occupy a sort of middle ground here, I think the way forward is to allow 2 6 stars and 3 5 Stars, and slighty nerf walker states, just a little tweek down.

Q5 I did not find the markers map helpful, I ran the map twice but never actually used the tokens, but the reason I did not use the markers, was that it was unnecessary for me too, I was comfortably able to beat 5 star teams on my first draft of cards. So using the markers was a bit pointless, - if there were tougher teams then yes I would have used markers to get different cards.

Q6 I was happy with all the rewards tbf, but then also I like playing Hordes, so for me the prizes were irrelevant, I was always going to do it anyway regardless.

Q7 I would like to see Hordes about 10 times a year, enough that I can hone my hordes skills but not enough that it becomes to repetitive, 2-3 times a year is not enough, its a waste of time trying to get good at it at that ratio, once every 2 weeks, 26 times a year? No thanks I’ll burn out.

Q8 Yes I like all the suggestions here.

I was personally dissapointed not to be able to use 6 stars, as someone who takes Hordes seriously, I had acquired 6 stars during the twilight of the six star era, and developed them with an eye for use in Walker Hordes, S Class came along and screwed that all up - but I still have the 6 stars, and I would like to use them.

Perhaps WH could be turned into a nostalgia trip, “Dust of your Stars … The Hordes of Walkers are on their way!”

But again I was really happy to see it return. Thanks for making the poll Parker.