PC Parker Polls: Kingdom Come War


Greetings Forumers!

These are just pop threads. Don’t expect a Recap. Let’s throw our votes into a poll, raise any discussion you have below, feel happy and I’ll see you again next week.

The actual intro: I’d like to gather some opinion on some debate points I’ve seen over the last week. This week regarding war the just gone.

The questions:

  1. Did you enjoy the Cross Region War just gone?
  • Loved it
  • Liked it
  • Neutral
  • Disliked it
  • Hated it

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  1. How would you describe the matchmaking?
  • Top faction, we met other top facs a lot
  • Top faction, we met other top facs a reasonable amount of times
  • Top faction, we didn’t meet other top facs much
  • Lower faction, we met top factions too much
  • Lower faction, we met top factions a reasonable amount of times
  • Lower faction, we didn’t meet top factions much

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  1. Towers, which effects did you like?
  • Slow
  • Burn to Attackers
  • Guardian to Defenders
  • I didn’t like any of them

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  1. Towers, what did you think of their strength? (Excluding the integrity of the guardians shield)
  • Slow, too powerful
  • Slow, just right
  • Slow, too weak
  • Burn, too powerful
  • Burn, just right
  • Burn, too weak

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  1. Wave 1b-ers, how was your experience? How was your compensation?
  • I enjoyed the war
  • I had no feelings towards the war
  • I didn’t enjoy the war
  • The compensation was satisfactory
  • The compensation was not satisfactory

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  1. Finally, suggestions for the future?
  • Keep Wave 1B 6v6?
  • Scale rewards/milestones by wave?
  • Prioritise matching quicker?
  • Prioritise matching with similar factions?
  • Other (Leave below!)

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Any points of discussion, disagreement, or if you just want to leave your thoughts behind anything, then please do so because it’ll help me when I break down the results to Scopely.

Polling closes 18:00 PDT


  1. Update the war wheel and remove the bloody Choicebox IV.

  2. Remove the Choicebox IV and update the bloody war wheel.

Just do it!

  1. Remove slater

I know this will be an unpopular opinion and I’ve said it elsewhere but I hate same region matchups.

I’m sure most people will love it because they can lower defenses and farm points off sister factions. But if your region is doing it then so are others and factions are getting an unfair advantage.

Also in my region the top faction was constantly trying to bully people into dropping defense and coin repair for them in global so that they could move up the leader board but funnily enough never dropped their own :roll_eyes: we lost some players to that faction because their tactics allowed them to rank higher than they normally would.

CRW is supposed to be about the region working together against the other regions, not fighting each other. If they want to allow inter-region matchups just give us AOW once in a while.


Change the groupings, weve had the same groupings 3 wars running now.

More milestones! Put them upto a mil. Hardly anyones going to get them but at least they are there for those of us that do go hard.


No middle faction option :-p? I put lower as we are between 15-25 in 1B usually so not a top faction but a considerable distance from a 40/50+ faction.

Mercs! Mercs! Mercs!


If you are not first… you are low lol


Problem with middle faction, is it creates the question ‘What’s a lower, middle, higher?’. Which is besides the question lol.

What I’m trying to ascertain from this is if people felt the matchmaking was tilted too far towards ‘cannon fodder’ this war as per things I’ve read


Matchmaking was far superior to the previous Blitz!!!

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Slow tower was genius. Not sure it will be quite so interesting once everyone has grokked how it works but It had a huge impact on the usual stale war formula, and it was fun and I think, fair. Definitely please more things like that.


Not sure it had much of an impact if I’m honest. We (1b) came 1st and most of the time (like 90%) didn’t even bother with any of the towers.

Sorry to hear that. Sounds boring. Maybe next war they will provide a tower that appeals to you and gives you as much fun as this one did for me.


Most enjoyable war for a while, scored over 250K which is rare for me but the past weekend was actually fun.


War wheel only causes drama and disappointment. Drop it completely.

  • old 6* toons are mostly worthless, to the extent that they should still be available (and I think they should), events like Treasure Hunt last week or a black market choice box as in some events is enough.
  • 5*/6* versions of Stoons are a recipe for diasspointment and actively make the game worse to boot.
  • This makes the only potential thing they could put in there card choice boxes, which we already get as war rewards anyway. (and which Scopely only want to hand out as rare war pulls anyway, for good reason)

This wheel is a relic of the past, when it was hard to get pulls and the rewards could be worth it. It sucks now, and necessarily will continue to do so. Put it out of its misery.


  • Replace it with a 6* tokens wheel; tokens for this might be available through other means, e.g. by replacing some (not all!) of the 5* tokens available in events. Make it clear that this is not a major reward for war, but a minor bonus, like the 500 4* weapons tokens you get for participating in war.
  • Remove the wheel completely. Stash only gives out walker heads, skipping the choice box. Allow excess heads to be swapped for bonus war stash pulls through a black market exchange.

What are the chances Scopely even sees these results? You know, since Discord is the only way they can acknowledge customer feedback.


Actually enjoyed it to be honest. The towers were different and 8vs8 made a nice change (not perma please). Was good battling the other teams too.


Again, qi personally don’t see any interest in playing wars.
Wheels are awful, f2p S-Class are not worth getting rotten head and finally, getting stuck for hours to be fed to higher factions IS NOT A GAME !

Wave 3 definitely needs something else than this event, there’s not a single good thing in warring since more than 1 year and a half … That used to be the climax event, it’s now the climax weekend off !


Remove the existing war wheel it’s disgraceful.
More milestones for all not just wave A, although the 400k milestone was laughable and I don’t feel like I missed out.
I preferred the towers all being the same, less complicated :hugs:


Make War Good Again

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Because I pass them on in the PC…