PC Parker Polls: Bleeding Blitz

Greetings Forumers! I’m sure you all know Recaps are now on Discord, and I’ve tried to replicate the same structure so neither platform is getting an advantage over the other.

However, the way the channels have developed, I have a 3 day gap Tuesday to Thursday on 1 of them. I have decided that slot is a good place to consistently integrate PC Parker Polls (if you remember the pilots ‘Tiered Regions’ and ‘2020 Events’) They may not be guaranteed every week, but this week I thought it would be a good place to kick off with the new war changes and past blitz. The following 8 questions intend to ascertain opinion, and see where the community stands on a few debate points.

As promised, the Forum gets its share of the pie too. So here’s some polls :slight_smile:

  1. Did you enjoy the blitz war just gone?
  • Loved it
  • Liked it
  • Neutral
  • Disliked it
  • Hated it

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  1. What did you like about the blitz war?
  • The Missions
  • The Prizes
  • The Towers
  • The War Crates
  • The Stash
  • I didn’t like it

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  1. Wave 1A players, should all future wars (including blitz) be 8v8?
  • Yes
  • Only on weekend
  • No

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  1. Wave 1b, 2 and 3 players, should 6v6 war have 5 towers?
  • Yes
  • Only in blitz
  • Only in normal war
  • No

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  1. Which of these statements do you agree with?
  • I didn’t like all towers being the same
  • I didn’t mind all towers being the same
  • The towers were too powerful
  • The towers were about right
  • The towers were too weak

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  1. What do you think should happen with shield timers?
  • Return to 5 minutes
  • Remain at 2:30 minutes
  • Scale depending on number of towers

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  1. Did the changes result in you seeing more, the usual or less ghosting?
  • More
  • About the same
  • Less

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  1. What do you think should be suggestions for the future?
  • Improve War Wheel
  • Make war missions permanent in some form
  • Rotate start times around
  • Higher milestones
  • Other (Comment below!)

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Get your votes in asap, assume Thursday night to be the cut-off point. Any comments or discussion points you have on any of the options, feel free to leave below and keep me informed on the reasoning behind the answers


It was a nice little war, refreshing.

There’s one suggestion from my side: the cooldown timer for camps should be removed or reduced to maybe 1 minute. It’s annoying an boring to sit there and wait for the next attack when there are only 1 or two left per faction.


Reduced there’s an argument and a call there for. But I don’t think removed entirely works. I can imagine that being a bloodbath and in no ways a good one. Lol


Bloodbath is the reason to play the game :joy:
I’d be fine with a reduction. I Think a minute would be a good thing to start. If we figure out it’s too short it could be raised step by step until we find a cooldown that fits for most of us. I think that’s what this war tournament is for, refresh and finetune.



Maybe they were a bit fast. I think anything between 3 and 5 could have a place. I think random timer lengths or variance of timer length could be a thing too.


Can we get an agreed upon definition of what Ghosting is because I have found people use the term for slightly different things

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I’d say it’s the holding of a tower without putting defence in.

Whether that be deliberate, or a structural problem (5 towers, 4 actives)


Yeah I thought this was the general definition of it

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2.5 minutes was too short. I think its ok for an occasional war, but think it would be way too quick of a cooldown for every war. It would be overwhelming, and would be more difficult for majority of players to score points that way (as they would then be constantly having to hit towers). Costs more cans as well as long as they’re not ghosted.

I also agree that scaling is a factor too, beyond 2.5 minutes being too short. With 5 towers that was felt more acutely. It gave the event a certain something so, so again was ok for an occasional blitz imo.


Regarding 5. Strength of towers. I get the impression that it depended on your place in the pecking order/ecology as to how useful they were.

Top facs with their one turn kill teams or triple trader teams weren’t bothering with them at all in my grouping. Lower down factions with few actives in a match maybe couldn’t leverage them effectively. But I suspect mid range factions facing each other probably had fun with them

I don’t think any of that is necessarily a bad thing.


5 is too long.
2:30 is to short.

A 3:30 or 4 minute would best suite everything imo. But that’s my opinion.


By higher milestones how high we talking? And wood this differentiate between blitz and CRW? 8vs8 and 6vs6…

As from my perspective blitz milestones were right… 100k for 24hrs less depending on which continent at when started was spot on. Likewise mid week blitz shoipd be same.

If it’s a Friday to Monday/Sunday fine add an extra milestone.

Long as this is not at expense of what rewaed already but in addition.

I loved this war (sure mentioned it fee time in few threads) same towers actually worked great… timers could have been little longer even 3mins. Fact was 5 wasn’t an issue either.

I’m intrigued really to see how wars expand/develop through the entire 6 week run with the deviation to towers/set up etc.

Let’s be fare wars the big draw to the game so it’s risky messing with war


The mid range comment is spot on, it was fun, money factions ignored them and top factions took em just for the point bonus at the End of the match for the point bonus

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The main things I had in my head writing that were people who wanted repeating milestones every 50k or 100k up. Where to, I suppose that depends on whether blitz or CRW. But they’d probably reach the point where the casual-er player wouldn’t be expected to reach

Sorry some of the polls have gone a bit rogue on format with the rest. It hurts my OCD more than yours but I can’t go back to fix without wiping them lol

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I’m playing since 2018 and I don’t remember to see so many huge prizes from war like stash and missions. I know it’s only due “total war” event, but they could keep missions regular for all the wars.


It’s still a fine line tho an one that scopes has messed up before… if kept the rewards as are now for same milestones but added extra rewards that sounds fine. It’s when raise milestones and spread/stretch all old rewards…

For example I wouldn’t want to have to score 200k for GPS/Canteen yet if score 200k say get extra war tokens or shard crates.

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Brilliant @Parker just the war wheel I have issues with👍


Wtf😂 Really

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Rewards weren’t for me hoping for 6* trainers or something to introduce them as the mission were not enough personally.