PC Parker Polls: Arenas


Greetings Forumers!

This week I’d like to collate all the feedback in the world (instant regret come the write up) about Arenas!

Following are 11 questions, all about favourites, least favourites, Veteran Rings!, and some of the controversial ones.

If you could please spare the time… or the Other Place will win the vote via mob rule and everything will burn :upside_down_face:

The questions:

Q1) What do you think of Arenas?

  • Love it
  • Like it
  • Neutral
  • Dislike
  • Hate it

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Q2) Which is your favourite Arena?

  • Classic
  • Draft
  • Old School
  • Damage Squad
  • Medic Squad
  • Supporter Squad
  • Tank Squad
  • Trait Mania
  • I don’t like any of them

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Q3) Which is your least favourite Arena?

  • Classic
  • Draft
  • Old School
  • Damage Squad
  • Medic Squad
  • Supporter Squad
  • Tank Squad
  • Trait Mania
  • I don’t like dislike any

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Q4) Which Arena Mode do you prefer?

  • Domination
  • Endurance
  • I like both

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Q5) What do you think of the trophies now?

  • They still affect Leagues too much
  • The amounts are about right now
  • More could be offered

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Q6) Which statements do you agree with?

  • I often get Veteran Rings from placing Top 10/20
  • I sometimes get Veteran Rings from placing Top 10/20
  • I rarely get Veteran Rings from placing Top 10/20
  • I get Veteran Rings from the Championship box only
  • I never get any Veteran Rings

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Q7) Should Veteran Rings be offered elsewhere?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Just in Arenas
  • Unsure

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Q8) Where would you like to see Veteran Rings offered elsewhere?

  • Roadmap
  • Depots
  • Tournament Prizes / Milestones
  • Offers
  • They shouldn’t be outside Arenas
  • Arenas only, but removable and resusable

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Q9) What improvements would you make to Draft Arena?

  • Upgraded bound weapons
  • Allow lead skills
  • Change to the selection system
  • Defence draft
  • It doesn’t need improvement
  • Other

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Q10) What changes would you make to Trait Arena?

  • Shuffle the traits
  • Remove leadership skills
  • Include mods
  • Leave it as it is
  • Other

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Q11) Suggestions for the future?

  • New types of Arenas?
  • Increase reward places of Rings / Armoury Items?
  • More ticket avenues?
  • More coin placements in Championship Arena?
  • Other?

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You made it to the end :grinning:

Thank you, you can get two thanks you if you now leave any and all additional thinking, feedback, reasons as to your answers and Arenas below

Polling ends Thursday 18:00 PDT


@Opie I had to very quickly reset Q8 to multiple (accidentally set it as single vote) :grimacing: May need to vote again

Luckily I didn’t vote on 7 and 8 because I haven’t decided if I want veteran rings exclusive to arena

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My other on draft arenas is either make the choices uniform or make the defenses uniform. In all actuality the defensive should be uniform for everybody. Everybody should have the same chance at the same points on arenas.

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I’ve not heard that one

I like it.

What happens if you need point differention though? What splits them up?

I’m fine with rings being only in arenas but I wouldn’t be averse to an occasional roadmap or something just to get a few. However if they just made them more attainable in arenas I don’t think it would be necessary to have them elsewhere.

I think, in diamond particularly, more than just the top 5 should get champions tickets. Maybe top 10? Especially since in domination the difference between 1st and 20th is usually less than a few hundred points.

Despite my best efforts I haven’t got a single ticket since being in diamond. I just get one entry from the milestone ticket each week. Which also means I’m lucky if I get any rings at all. It makes me want to sand bag back down into platinum.


Should that affect the mixing of Diamond and Platinum players? Because Plat players are more likely to get crowded out there

I usually always get a C ticket but it’s that milestone from spending 2 extra tickets every week

I don’t see why platinum and diamond should be mixed anyway tbh. I don’t think it’s balanced for either side.


Needs more draft

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Coming from a position of liking it, could it still be improved in any of the above ways, or your own?

While you have 5 rounds of selections, let players see which characters are available to pick from each selection.

Eg: If you see an strategy that might need command but don’t currently have one, might be nice for players to see if command toons is available in future rounds of selection.

No same characters in the same selection.

Eg: It doesn’t make sense for me to pick between 2 Princesses when it could be 1 Princess and 1 other character.

I’m a little indifferent with regards to other’s suggestions about defense teams using the same default weapons that drafted characters have to use. I feel like that’s inherently what makes draft fun.


I quite like Verdeiwsps idea for draft selection. I’d just like less RNG in the selection process.

I am one of those annoying people who likes Drafts how it is otherwise.


Don’t let the angry hordes of anti-Drafters put you down lol


Q5) I do believe for the arenas,the trophy amounts is about right, the real issue on trophies are on the solo tournaments when 1st gets over 100k and it drops dramatically, by the 30th place you get less than half of 1st place and the last place gets around 30k without the need to use crazy amount of resources. That’s why by the end of a stretch you see top players with 100k,200k more than the others 3rd,4th,5th place and so.
Q7)Q8) yes, hopefully they can create a weekly route map for easy access to the rings.also it could be sell at league store,maybe 12 at a time for a reasonable price please.
Q9) I think changing the selection system is good and the first draft choice should be leaders only ,allowing us to choose our strategy base on leader skills,since there’s no mods and some of the bonded wepows are weak, it’s hard to beat some tough defenses.
Q11) for the future maybe try all melees only or all range only for new types of arena. Not only increase reward placed rings/armory items but the amount offered below the 10th place as well. More tickets avenues of course a weekly route map it wouldn’t hurt nobody “besides scop”. And placening coins in champions arena for all participating it’s not bad since some players have to struggle to get one golden ticket just to be humiliated by the top players and ends with nothing worthy for participating.


I’d actually push on wider depot updates and have them in Supply actually lol. There’s enough expense going into the league store.

Aside from leaders first, how else, would you show the remaining 20? Back button? Or?

Swap default weapons in draft arena is VERY, VERY NEEDED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to balance things. We asked to remove outdated 6* from toons pool selection and they did, I hope they solve this weapon question as well because will increase the gameplay quality.


A 6 star Arena would be good.

Allow weapons for Draft but don’t allow lead skill or Mods as that is part of its strategy and focus. Same with mods in Trait Arena - don’t allow them! Sometimes it’s nice to play the game without mods.


What if, theoretically because you can never anticipate tech limits, these factors could be rotated around. So one week a mod Trait, next week no-mod Trait

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I personally wouldn’t prefer that since the lack of mods completely changes that particular arena even more than the changed traits and boosts imo. It’s all about the lack of mods.
If you did that rotation in Trait, then also apply it to Classic and toon type arenas - otherwise there would very rarely be non-mod scenarios (and they keep the game fresh imo).


Just a random leader choice from a random leader selection and after that random characters to fill the roster team.