(PC) Is there any way to disable the awful "find"/search bar on this forum?

Okay, so I press ctrl-F on pages on this forum, and it has a script to bring up their super crappy search bar. Instead of the normally and perfectly functioning find bar of Google Chrome or whatever…

Why try to reinvent the wheel?

And what’s with not being able to load an entire page at once? Is there an option to just revert to HTML, or just a free phpBB forum, or any very standard web design that doesn’t cause constant problems and making CTRL-F 'ing within one page an absolute nightmare?

Would be wonderful. And if it doesn’t exist, it should be the web designers’ top priority. Some parts of Scopely’s unique forum are decent or interesting, but the search/find functionality is AWFUL, made even worse by the fact that it overrides a PERFECTLY functioning built-in browser function.


It is software https://www.discourse.org/
Check there website and there forum for tweaks

Thanks. Hoping someone has already done this kind of leg work…

I just don’t understand why this forum is so jacked up. For example, just look at: https://forum.breadtopia.com/
Or the gazillions of others that come up with a Google search. Also a Discourse forum, and while it still has the stupid search bar replacement, you can at least very easily scroll from beginning to end of a long thread without freezing and losing the data off-screen. Working in tech I just find such poor implementation absurd for a successful company making millions.

Case in point, I cannot simply use find on one webpage to scroll between the instances of “bleed,” referring to the combat thread: Combat Reference Guide [Updated 07/11]

A task that should be trivial, and instead my find bar is constantly overridden, disappears, etc… And the search can only return a small subset of the instances of the search term on the page before returning to the top of the page and ignoring the vast majority of it below… Sorry but that’s ridiculous.