PC is becoming a joke

There has been so little information about who is on the PC. Scopley said it’s up to people to say if they are on the PC. WTH! How can someone represent the players when we don’t know who they are. A company this large should be able to organize this a little better.

Some of the people selected posted forum quitting threads @Bane or have shown bias when selectively deleting threads @LadyGeek. Do we really want these type of players representing the community?

Scopley needs a lot more transparency for this to work, including a break down (not by name) of the PC members status: location, time playing, amount spent etc. This will ensure a large portion of the player base is represented…


No way will they give out this info, i would leave if it came to that

Location: East Coast
Playing time: 1 hour per day during week, lots on the weekend
Amount spent: prestige 13 a few times
Favorite food: sushi
Favorite pasttime: football
Blood type: O-
Race: African America Male
Best friend: Bane
Kids: none
Shoe size: 14
Favorite color: green
Favorite avenger: Black Panther
Favorite villian: Thanos
Favorite actor: Denzel Washington
First 5*: Whispers Jesus
First 6*: Rosita (alert)

I also enjoy long walks on the beach and when she runs her fingers in my afro when my hair is long.
I also sleep in the nude…

Anything else just feel free to PM me I dont want to much personal info on forums. :kissing_heart:


Alexa, what’s misplaced anger?

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Favourite colour??? Movie??? We need answers for reasons :woman_shrugging:

Damn 14 shoes you’re a biggun lol

Mate, PC is made up of players -ordinary people, not shareholders or employees. Believe me when I tell you they’re reading, they’re listening. BUT the same cannot be said for Scopely. It doesn’t matter who’s on it if Scopely doesn’t take their suggestions on board. We really need to stop bringing PC into everything game related, they’ve become meatshields for the company. Treat PC as you would any other player on the forum and address the moderators/ people on scopely’s payroll with issues and concerns regarding the game.


R.E.S.P.E.C.T. each other


First question is Who voted for Lady geek? She’s don’t seem to care about the game or player base as much as she care about closing topics and remind people of rules, that what make her who she is

Disagree here. There have been 12 players who have stepped forward. Most of the players qualifications are known at this point.

Ladygeek — everyone knows her
Gov — former leader of some of the best factions
Bane — most know him.
Bruce — PU founder currently in victory
Gods — also in victory
Lance — leader of Mofos
Darin — one of AP leaders
Zanwich — in DAR I believe
Mark — leader of wraith
Jboogie — former spender who is now f2p after starting over
Martin — f2p from Aregentina
wandylu — must admit, don’t know much about her/him

Again, I think it’s important to remember that they don’t have control. They basically do what we do on here. They relay information, and so far, scopely ignores it.


Nobody voted for anybody.

Well whoever choosed her to be pc has made a very bad choice as she’s very busy being leader in this forum we all know that

Gosh you got big feet

damn i’m only a size 9 or something. but you and me both like sushi :kissing_heart:

You know what they say about guys with big feet, dont ya?
They can punt farther.

Seems like they’ve choosen who they want themselves lmao

Location: East Coast
Playing time: couple hours a day and 5 plus on weekends
Amount spent: prestige 13 And then another half
Favorite food: charcoal grilled burger
Favorite pasttime: football
Blood type: O+
Race: Basic White Male
Best friend: Gov
Kids: 2
Shoe size: 12
Favorite color: Red
Favorite avenger: Thor
Favorite villian: Bane… obviously
Favorite actor: Tied Vince Vaughn and Keanu
First 5*: OG Cano Michonne
First 6*: Shiva
Been playing: November 2015

I’m not a beach guy, rather play Halo for 12 hours.


Size 14 eh? Wet alert.

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Its scopely, why would we expect anything different?

These guys want the best for the community, theyre some of the most vocal on lines and forums and are definitely not yes men. Theyve been part of pu.

Scopely is using this to shift our focus. Lets not let em. PC is us the players, scopes is who we need to hold to task.


Wasn’t as a color, only a burger cooked on charcoal grill. Sorry to disappoint

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