PC hope is lost

I see jboogie has already left pc due to scopely basically spitting in the players face… How many more will take the fall? Get your new s class Friday!


It’s a F*CKING mobile game! Why do people like you take this game still this serious? Do you really make your daily life depend on this? If that’s the case, then go visit a psychologist. Who cares about these new S-Class toons? You won’t come across of many at this time. You rarely come even across of dual-specialist toons! You will probably never be able to even get one of those without spending. And if you continue spending at this point then it’s definitely your own fault when they treat you like a sheep.


I think it’s way too early to be deciding that “hope is lost”. Something like the PC isn’t for everyone, especially with the backlash it received, so it’s not surprising to hear someone stepped down. It can’t be easy and we all know how frustrating dealing with Scopely can be!

I’ve had my doubts as much as the next person but I think they need to be given a proper chance before writing the PC off. They’ve already been able to help make some positive changes, like getting Camila in the League store.


Yes yes all credit to boogie. If council is s joke and not listened to on the most major issue of all they should all grow some spine and quit.

He stepped down because some arent ok being used for aesthetic reasons. If people wanted to use my name but didnt listen to any of my input I’d quit too. PC was never ever real only scopelys way to shut down the ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ from pu. Now all is back to normal players bending over and throwing money


Pc did get this cake event going to speed up Whales ownership of S-class toons, just to widen that gap as much as possible (probably)

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Let’s be clear. They did nothing. Scopely threw them some crumbs. All about their egos. Dont buy into it.


You are funny.

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because this game is there escapism from reality that’s the case for me at least

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Got me through many a funeral lol gc is free counseling

agreed I come on this game to escape my sad prophetic life

Time invested and money. That’s why there is care.

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Scopelys Players Council was Created and on the Terms of Scopely. Customers were not consulted ever on the PC just to Join PC.

But don’t get the actual genuine motives of the customers who were selected, by Scopely to join twisted

Most of them had genuine motives, to help the customer and the community and Scopely game them small wins, but that’s it. Scopely’s PC is Scopely trying to do something to look good, for show.

In that sense it’s like support your troops but not the war if that makes sense. Please use your intelligence to see what really going on and start supporting other customers, urself…

PU- What is is about? Check link https://playersunited.wixsite.com/home/manifesto


The sky is falling the sky is falling…


Why give them tht much time… give til transfers end

The only ones taking things serious is you and ghoul and others who get serious and basically start raging on people on the forums, “its just a game bruh” “why so serious” maybe a mirror would be good use for you

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