Pazzazz the daily shards!

Seriously who cares about the color of an Sclass toon that you have to spend a ton of money to get! Update the daily shard amount!

By the time I am not even half way to collect, the toon doesn’t fit the meta anymore!

Save your game! Help us enjoy it! Please

@WalkerTexasRanger @TayTron


It’s spelled pizzazz, and I concur 100%

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I know but that was how they spelled it on the blog lol

This update might not seem much of help but I predict that this would be a step to fixing their level up points for level up tournaments since it probably makes it a bit easier for them. Because im sure many of us dislike how leveling s classes give the same amount of level up points as 6 stars. I am just hoping this is a step to fixing the s class level up points(like they would fix this next)

Cannot agree more they are giving 300 cards out for 300 torches which is a fair deal yet you are spending more torches for a smaller amount of S-Class shards which is pointless.

Are you sure pizzazz isn’t the plural of pizza?


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