Payback S class?

Is Davie the first payback S class scopley ?
If this is the matter expected to see many players quite the game .
Please don’t do this f#### mistake just to earn quick money. Thing of the long term.

Doesn’t say he’s payback on the leaked info :man_shrugging:

E2a it’s coming though. Of course it is

with princes and u still worrying about paybCk

if he was a payback his rush nullifies princess

Davie is the ultimate troll.

Question is will this character wield the dumbbell that he was always talking about in the latest love roadmap series?

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Nah, we don’t need Payback.
We need Paycheck rush. A toon that deals damage according to the size of your banking account. Cut the middleman.


Already a counter to normalize… that didn’t last long.

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Yeah , read histoire f### rush . Recover from Normalize

He can’t recover from normalize if he’s dead, just sayin.

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Yea I’m not exactly sure how his ar would work. Doesn’t make much sense. The turn you use normalize, you would think there would be rush after. Very odd.

You guys forgetting that Princess also taunts for 3 turns with her normalize. Davie would have to have his taunt removed or resisted, before he can remove his normalize.

But on a rush…no big deal

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Princess would nullify payback. She can normalize

Bruh why you mad he’ll be f2p later on in the year

And don’t say he won’t because look at toons like wangfa and priya there all f2p

Do not give them ideas at scopely please. F2p 6* payback FIRST

Plus payback can’t do anything with damage overtime same for bind

How about a dual skill Payback+shield with Bide on the weapon. T1 Elusive and infection active skill. Revive 2 and guardian to all with rush.
Will be a good festive toon loooooool Davie smug face

Yep and it will only be useful in green, red and blue form as there is no high damage green.

Not payback

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