Payback Is Too Strong

I’m tired of AR’ing just to see 3 members of my team get annihilated. Should only deal back a percentage of damage and target 1 enemy. How is a specialist skill better than most ARs?

Some people are going to say you can just use normal attacks but what if you’re dealing with a shield or other toons that require your attention? Whoever created this skill had no idea what they were doing.


Yes they did.


Gotta get those pixels.

BTW I agree with you regarding payback.


just have to be adjusting the style of your attacks it is just strategy :man_shrugging:

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You mean adjust the way I spend my money.


Nope they pretty much know what they were doing purposefully killing the quick rush f2p teams with payback and bide, now its all bleed and burn for us to knock off whale defense teams which is time consuming.


Enlighten us with some good tips then and help the community


those i keep just for my faction group :slightly_smiling_face:

Still think it should be susceptible to stun to give it a little more balance


Or confuse where it wipes out 3 of his own team lol


Then don’t. I’m joking, seriously. Payback really is a bitch,I still get problems and try to avoid it but sometimes i just say f it and rush and hope for the best,or i just forget

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main at 600 does not set it off and there is lot of low dmg toons that apply debuffs

It’s even more annoying that payback keeps passing through guardian. This shit is annoying


Payback, then bide, were the beginning of the Mariana trench. Both are the definition of “cheesing”, and can only be gotten by paying. Seriously gross and lazy mechanics. The free s class really does nothing to combat them. All they do is give Scopely the built-in excuse to continue to roll out premier s class bi-weekly. Point of no return. This app is toast for all but the addicts.


There is no point asking. He’s fishing.

Time outs. Or rush hoping it doesn’t hit your revive.

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Payback will be gone when everyone gets S Class. It was introduced because Amber on attack is compeltely OP. Were basically at a reset anyway. They won’t release an S Class Payback. Horrible skill.


This app is toast, bruh. The mass exodus will continue, as they’ve done nothing to make things more palatable. Just some cloak and dagger chicanery.

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The most frustrating thing with Payback is how the Payback toon is ALWAYS targeted via multi toon rush.

For example… Michelle rush…the second toon hit is always Negan. But when you do the same attack and there is 5 toons alive and 1 of then has guardian shield…what a surprise it always hits the 1 toon with the guardian shield.

Seems very weighted and ridiculous.


Bide, payback, and even op premiers fall in to this definition.


You say to beat payback you need strategy not money. Any yet you refuse to say the “secret strategy.” To me it just seems like you’re spouting nonsense as usual.