Pay to loose - let's talk about it

I hate to be negative but this game has really turned into a hopeless grindfest and an expensive one at that. It has gotten to the point where I as a player do not feel value for what I spend and it’s stopped being fun.

I know that I’m speaking for a large majority of players here …

I don’t mind ■■■■■■■■ small amounts to progress but I feel like the grind has been turned up to 11 and I’m just not prepared to spend on every aspect of this game, i can’t be bothered because it’s not enjoyable - just expensive.

There are so many ways that scopley could turn this around, keep the playerbase happy and grow the game but them seem stuck on overvaluing their product and expecting people to just suck it up. The spenders club was a perfect example of this - no one asked for a monthly fee to level up a free toon… that’s insulting.

The gear situation is ridiculous, I don’t want to pull because I don’t want to buy the gear. I also don’t want to pull because the odds are so terrible. Those coins ain’t cheap and a 2% chance at a good toon is criminal.

I like the concept of the league store but the gear is overpriced and there is not enough of it.

Here’s my short list of how to keep everyone happy anyway;

Increase pull odds - or make them cheaper
Stop locking the gear behind a paywall
Better rewards for events

We as players deserve more than to be walking wallets, give us value for money and make this game great again.

Please listen to the players


Until people stop ■■■■■■■■ this won’t change


They simply do not care about players. Just money. That’s what mobile gaming is mostly about, too many greedy ass developers. Buy a PS4 :+1:t2:


Stop complaining more paying bucko


:joy::joy::joy::joy: True, true…

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Made a post very similar to this but they fl4gged and removed my post. They dont like to listen to playerbase unless you pay $… oh wait…nvm

its a fact

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yeah the current prize structure is not very fun.

Trainers, mods, gear limited, but they turn around and sell large quantities in the store.

The best and most fun format is basically

Tournaments and milestones include limited tokens for Limited time wheels
Including maybe weapons toons and gear.

Collection events are much better then receiving FOOD bags…

The prizes right now are fairly mid tier and the constant pace makes it
even more mild.

I like playing tournaments, but if the next 10 tournaments offer the same stuff?
What makes me missing out on this tournament makes me lose.

I really think we need to have a Permanent 6 star wheel
and the free 2 play top end rewards revolve more around free ascendables.

Now everything is pay 2 play.
And free things are almost pay 2 play also.

Eventually you will run dry if you play everything.

I’m a little bored, only thing saving is the lvl 150 and the other semi new things.
Hoping to see some improvements continue to be attempted.–


This, this and more this.


Scopely has one goal. Profit. They don’t care about the players. They don’t care about customer satisfaction. They don’t care if the gameplay is balanced or makes sense. Every decision made is based on whether or not they will financially benefit from it IMMEDIATELY. And because of the sheer number of “whales” and their daily revenue, casual spenders and free players are not even on their radar.

Is the game still fun for me? Yes. That’s why I’m still here. I’ve resigned myself that my input, opinions and suggestions are unwanted and ignored. As long as I - and my faction- still enjoy the game, I will “keep surviving”


Nothing we say or do will change the game. There mission is money and money only, no reason in even talking abt in game issues because they don’t care.

With the andrea gate it showed that they can fix issues and tweak the game at ease. If it isn’t a money issue that affects them they give two fuks abt it.


Personally I think the game is great and the product works BUT there is a lot that needs to change if the playerbase is going to keep surviving.

Our region has seen a lot of good players retire and some of the other top players are significantly less active. The gap between the whales and the mid tier players is vast at this point but when the whales are loosing interest you know that trouble is brewing.

It wouldn’t kill them to throw everyone a bone every now and then, we currently have three faction events on that no one really cares about … A Lilith and some medals for top prize?, pass.
Meanwhile there is a victory wheel and the tokens are nowhere to be seen unless you wanna drop serious $$.

It’s just sad

I think people forget that, basically from day one, this company has stated they only care about the 1% of their customers who constitute 99% of their revenue, i.e., mega-whales.

Why is it so hard for people to understand the difference between “loose” and “lose”?


I think the imbalance comes from new premier toons. They have to keep making toons OP so that people will buy them otherwise top players wont spend. But if they keep doing this then it will get to a point where the imbalance from p2p and f2p is too much. If you think it’s already too imbalance, then you are wrong.

It’s just gonna get worse because if it doesnt then scopely wont make money. It started with toons that had 76-85- not crazy stats, normal active skills to toons that have leader skill and a specialist skill. To toons that have crazy good ars and active skills like current promo gabriel that has his ap at 66.
In time we will be seeing toons with 45 ar that have crazy good AR and active skills to the point that there is no making any better toons and that’s when we transition to 7*.
That’s just my opinion, dont hate on me for it


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Great post but if it was a written letter this is what they would do with it…



Never realized it was an offensive word.

Pay to lose? Whats that? Buy current promo and only have it become useless next month?

Not paying a dime. The new subscription is a joke. $25 a month for 30 4s toons, keep that crap.

Their offers are offensive, Super Offer for example: 1/5 of a victory pull, 4 4s toons, 2 feast tokens (more crap for the most part) 2 gold mods, odds seem to favor the crap mods and 8000 5s tokens (fodder for ascension) all for $14.99. They could still fix their game, we have been saying that for YEARS, but they choose not to listen.