Pay to complete 'L' mission

This is absolutely outrageous! I don’t know if a post has been made about this already but now Scopely have made a coin offer to purchase the letter ‘L’ to complete the ‘DOLLS’ mission for teddy bears.

This is because they made the L near impossible to get within the time frame as you have to lvl up your player level not once but twice!

This takes an obscene amount of resources to achieve and on top of that there is not SR tourney to even try and attempt it which customer still couldn’t.

Customers have advised Scopely not to add player level requirements in missions because it is too hard to achieve yet they haven’t listened but instead either want customers to use their coins or purchase coins to complete.

This is really a different kind of low, trying to profit off a issue that have been told by your customers that is hard to achieve for an event structure that most customers didn’t want or like during the Christmas season?!


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At least you have the offer. More than I do…

Crying over 200 coins, wow!


Not the point. Their entire customer base rightfully complained that leveling up twice was ridiculous. Instead of compensating people, Scopely decide to make people use coin. Dumb dogs


It’s the principle of what they have done.

200 coins to some is a lot when they don’t bend over for scopley.

No it’s not the principle, people are crying over things because there not 100% effort free. Is 2 levels alot, yes. a bit too much, yes. is it impossible no. Years ago, I couldn’t complete the roadmap for the free 4* tough Shane, i didn’t come to the forums to cry about it, I moved on.

Oh, and don’t give me that garage about 200 coins being alot for not bending over to scopes, i have a 2nd account that I barely ever use, 100% ftp, and sti manage to get coins from arenas and leagues.

Sometimes, you have to work for your meal.


Holy crap work? spend 25 cans for 1 teddy for holiday event is pretty shitty it isnt about effort.

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That is your prospective and thank you for sharing it, but as you can see many other customers don’t share your prospective. Nor are they crying, they are sharing their thoughts, opinions and feedback to Scopely.

Not all customers have coins they can use and save hard, do tapjoy offers and watch videos… they do as you put it “work for their meal”.

However, after the community advised Scopely not to add player level ups as it is hard to achieve… takes over 50 world energy depending on player level and as SR is not it it makes it harder; Scopely ignored this and added 2 player level missions… then expects customers to pay 200 coins to bypass it…

All missions etc, excusing premium should be achievable by grinding that is achievable. Increasing your player level especially if over a certain level point is not and goes beyond the scope of being achievable within the time frame they gave


i wish they woulda put this up sooner before i burned 10 cans to lvl up once :rofl:

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Oh and there is that too… they should have done multiple offers like that during the whole event, but of course they did it only 4 the 2 toughest letter to get right towards the end of when u can get them.

I think you overestimate the voice that the community has. It is clear that GR does a good job of relaying our messages to the team. But me might as well shout down a abandoned well in the middle of a remote forest for all the good it would do. The team he takes it to clearly neither value our feedback nor are in touch with the game itself.


It’s for a company to listen to their customers and take on their feedback to improve their products and services to encourage spenditure to increase profits and growth.

It’s not about overestimating it’s about what should be done and what has been communicated

“We fucked up :frowning: Pay us 100 coins to fix it :)”


I have no care that you have a second account.
Or what you spend to achieve.

Your complacency with the ridiculousness of this company is sickening. This is today not years ago.

“Letters for Gold Arrows!”
and a picture of said gold arrows.
Shady effort at tricking people into paying for what they could perceive as gold arrows, money first again scopely. Not shocked


I honestly bought both so I can get ascension medals. Besides, 200 coins? Since I’m in the Platinum league and I can get a decent rank in the Championship arena, I can’t really get all that mad. Not like I use my coins for the wheel. THAT’S a waste.


You didn’t understand my point.

I don’t disagree this company should listen to the feedback they receive. But it is abundantly clear in their actions that they do not.

False advertising? Nothing to do with gold arrows

Its bugged. You don’t get credit for the L on the mission screen after purchasing it and opening the bag

That’s like 30 minutes of videos… OUTRAGEOUS!!

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