Pavlovian Responses... the bell was rung


Just like with everything in this game, the current state only stays current for so long…

Rep used to the be the measuring stick, its now activity. High rep usually meant you had a solid roster, now with the way tokens and 5* are thrown around, you can be low rep and have a monster team.
There once was a place for casual players, but with the speed at which the meta changes in this game, you have to stay current or else you fall too far behind to really compete. Raiding exemplifies this sad truth more than anything. EVERY team you face is modded or loaded with stuns or both, and you cant get anywhere rep wise anymore…its a battle of attrition

And now Lydia is in play. That card, on a yellow 6* team with Zeke, Jesus and Tyreese? The type of team ALL the whales will have? Game over man. Game over.

Now all those Erika/Magna teams are going to be easy with Jesus/Tyreese/Lydia teams… Scopely keeps upping the meta, and hastening the power creep with each new premier so they can get more money. There is nothing to game balance in their method.

THere will always be a disparity between p2p and f2p, Its not that one has an advantage, one is an entirely different breed of player. And to have both play on the same playing field is like having Manchester United play against a High School team. But… we cant walk away can we? The community aspect brings us all together, and the morbid curiosity of wondering what happens next keeps us all here… A sort of shared hysteria, one that makes us all feel better about what is happening

THe more things change, the more they stay the same. It feels as if we are all in a KIA commercial, tiny hamster/mice running on a wheel chasing our own tail. Trained by the bell to accept starvation and to run to the water spout that has been laced with cyanide every time the bell rings… If only our Machiavellian masters would listen and show mercy in the form of BALANCE. Just balance, not advancement, nothing free, just balance out the GAME PLAY of your game and stop focusing so much on what people will spend for.

Too much to ask for, @JB.Scopely?


Whine me a river m8


since when did 5*'s matter in the 6* era?


Are 5* cards ascendable? I mean some are, right? So increased access to 5* inherently means increased access to ascendable 5* cards. Which was the meaning of the statement, but I guess that needed to be explained further…


Thank you for taking the time to read my opinions. Have a wonderful day.


I can see the issues but there is usually a solution for free to play players. For example, my fast team consisting of FTP Yellow Rick, def down Victor, AOE Jesus, Ezekiel and Glenn can usually take out a Manga or Garrett team with no major issue. I have a feeling that Lydia can get stomped by someone like Carl if everything is set up alright and can work fair enough.


Nicely written and some astute analogies to the current state of the game.

I think they do try and balance things out, albeit sometimes not so well.

Not sure why everyone is so nervous about Lydia… If you can beat/control a Garrett/Jesus/Mags team, you can probably do the same with Lydia. He AR is a bit slower too, so maybe a little more breathing space.


The slow AR is the achilles heel, for sure. But, the card is still a show stopper for the meta today. Just like Jesus trumped Magna, Lydia trumps Erika. ANd I mean trump in the card sense… don’t need any unwanted diatribes…


Mmmm I disagree that Lydia trumps Erika. Half the reason is AR speed (this is the critical reason) and secondly, Erika not only gives the bonus HP to all toons, it gives the 35% health to ALL toons. Lydia only gives the toon revived 55% hp.

Lydia’s 75% def to all is nice, but useless to dead/half dead toons. I’d take Erika’s 35% bonus HP and 35% HP to all over Lydia’s 60% bonus HP to all and 55% HP to ONLY the toon revived any day.


Blue Carl already killed Erika


I’m sorry. What commercial?


KIA, Hyundai, one of those small cars that had anthropomorphic hamsters… I don’t recall specifically.



Quite a detailed description of a series of commercials about human-sized anthropomorphic hamsters who drive around in a Kia.


thanks… I think?


This made me chuckle. I can take out about 95% of whale teams with the same F2P rainbow set-up that I’ve had since October/November last year.


Lydia, Jesus, Magna, Glenn, Hunter/Tyresse


“Woof Woof…”

(joke ruined, body unclear)


The response of the bell was increased salivation, as Pavlov’s study was not so much about behavior in its inception, but about digestion. So, it was a collateral finding that Pavlov discovered the saliva response to the bell. I am sure the dogs barked, but they definitely drooled.

That seemed the better analogy since I am sure many people are drooling over a yellow revive with an abs def weapon, in anticipation of trading hundreds of dollars for pixels and chance…


I fully understand the Pavlov’s study, there is not a “drooling” sound, so I used the woof woof to show that someone on your thread is familiar with the study you are using in the analogy
The title and concept of the thread amused me