Patient Zero Title

Anyone know about patient zero ? It’s rare and only selected few people get it. I also got it at my 2nd region, but still not sure how did i get that. Maybe by linking the game with facebook ? Any clue @kalishane @Shawn.Scopely ?

Yes orginal players usually Australia beta tester and a few other got it

Had to start playing at the start of game global release.
If you did you’ll have this mission

And the blood around your picture
It should be that way in all regions of you got it

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Required around mid August playing

I’m in Australia (non beta player) and I got PZ. I started playing the day of global release though.

Screen shot? I have never seen it.

Lol u want to see crazy ,the fact that some of us have been here since day one and aren’t considered postive veterans ,oh well

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OG Beta and original release players.

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There you do @Dyinggame :slight_smile: beat me to it haha

When is the global release ? I only got it at my 2nd region. My 1st and 3rd region none. And at the 2nd region ,i didn’t play from day 1

That’s strange. Global release was around mid August 2015.

8 just started play8ng and they gave my this patient zero

I’ve been seeing a lot of lower level players with it. I know a lot of og’s have it but I’m seeing newer players with it too. I wonder if it’s a random thing now.

Perhaps it’s now tied to region age? Join a new region on day 1…?

No I join g it 1 month after the region was opens and so far im the only one w8th it.

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Very rarely it will glitch and give you patient zero… ( I have one that was pz glitched just showed up one day by it’s self) That being said normally the only way to get it is to start in the first couple days of a brand new region

This is how it’s normally obtained now aside from the rare glitch

Been playing since Aug 2015

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You have to be 1 of the 1st people to join a region to get. I put account in newberry 1st day it opened and I didn’t get it. Sometimes it’s a gitch as well I put in account in a region sep 2016 and got it considering it’s a og region from 2015