"Patient Zero" Title



The top person in Leagues in my version has the title “Patient Zero,” I’ve never seen it before. Is it new, a title unique to the #1 person in Leagues, or has it existed before that? Just curious, does anyone know?


That title is given to the people that have been on the region since the day it opened.


Oh, got it! Thanks, never knew that.


Precisely, the title was earned when connecting your FB account to the game during the early weeks of the game.


I always hear this patient zero thing comes from being one of the first ppl in game and some ppl say it’s from a roadmap at the beginning of the game but it’s all bs nobody knows why not even the developers I’ve joined random regions before that r 3 years old and been patient zero it’s all randomly given to ya I think but it is a cool thing the bloody pic is dope


Its a roadmap when a region is brand new, my main is etawah and don’t have it but i have patient 0 avatar in Dallas from when it started


Just read my former answer : it was granted for connecting your facebook account to the game during the first weeks of the game (sept. 2015).


I started in January of 2017 and have patient zero in 5+ regions


My 1st account 2015 is patient zero thanks to this facebook thing.
Every other account I started after that are not.
Though I am 10+ level and I linked them to another fb account … I wrote to scopelys cs once (on the website, not in game) and they told me that it was not available anymore (they explained this facebook account thing)

So unless you have a visual proof of what you’re saying, Im gonna stay on the facebook stuff.

Plus, patient zero means ‘‘here in the early hours’’ so that would be really dumb if we could get it 2 years after the game started !


This is a region I started about 5 months ago and I have about 5 more regions with patient zero but I don’t feel like finding all of them but like I said it’s all random lol maybe it’s broken who knows


Yes I have received this in a region that was 2 years old when I joined. No one actually knows how it works


I only have in 1 out of 9 regions


does your patient zero status transfer when you transfer to another region


I think it’s based on a decision you make early on in the world map. Been so long I can’t remember.


Yeah it does, a guy just moved to my region & still has his patient zero status.


Which is bs because they obviously did not start out in that region and thus no longer deserve patient zero status.


A strange business, indeed.


If it’s broken let me get that damn title than been playing since Nov 2015


I’m sure it will appear in the store soon for the low, low, price of $49.99.


I’ve been playing since the release day in August 2015, but support says my Account wasn’t eligible lol