Patient zero missing after update scopely support nightmare



Hi everyone,

So after I updated my game few months ago on my new phone on android somehow I lost my patient zero title. Absolutely puzzled as to how this could of happened I started panicking major time knowing scopely support are utterly useless but calmed myself and proceeded to explain exactly what happened. They asked for all kinds of details of which I gave and they wanted proof which I also provided just had to grab my photos off my old phone. Upon being told everything was ok and it was just an error and blah blah it would be mentioned to the team for a fix it’s now been three months and they only recently told me that they couldn’t do anything and offered a free raid refill or something terrible for the inconvenience. The fact that I’ve been playing since 2015 and was one of the first people to sign up to the game back then means nothing to them as they just can’t seem to understand what the patient zero tag means to me. I’ve been losing hope to keep playing and with irl issues going on now I’m wondering if I should just quit. Scopely basically gave me hope for months then replied and said they couldn’t do anything.



The title means nothing. If you haven’t already quit over the constant bs, you’re not quitting because you lost a meaningless title.


Degrading a veteran of this game is one thing. Saying they can’t do anything to help is another. They had more proof that easily a child could see I’m owed some form decency. They just piss me off. I’ll probably not quit your right but on the other hand I just pulled five 6* chars from three 10 pulls and all free coins.


It’s a title we have earned. Some of us like to show it. Give the man back his proper title.


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