Patient Zero and the perks of it?

What exactly is it? How can people get it? Are there any specific perks to being one? How are some people getting it without having started playing since year one?

only get it if you linked your facebook to it with in 30 days when the game started i have mine on my first region but not on one am in now.

I think it is for those who have joined a region within the first few days / weeks of it being opened.

So for most regions, you needed to join the game early on (I started mid-Sept 2015 after the game launched in August and wasn’t Patient Zero).

As for perks, use it to impress your choice of sexual partner.


Nothing to do with linking its given for being in the region first day/few days I can’t remember the perks but it was a long list in inbox

I joined within around 2 weeks of my region opening and didn’t get it, definitely not weeks.

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I showed it to my wife and she just shrugged.

Then I showed her my Patient Zero and now I’m more tired than I previously was :wink:


Awesome. I showed it to my partner and all her punctures magically sealed themselves…


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