Pathways roadmap

I couldn’t find it on the forums anywhere but i’m sure its there. Are the roadmaps running on the final day of the event? quite regularly they do not run on the final day. anyone have information? it will be the difference between doing 2 or 3 runs at coins.



I’d like to know this also but with scopely they could disappear right now and we would get a keep surviving and the community supporting it by saying you had 28 days :roll_eyes: would be nice to have clarification on things in game but that is yet to be a common thing that goes on here


I personally need one more day of.roadmaps to get piper, I’m sure they will stuff me.up and.stop it 1 day early

usually roadmaps stops 1 day before collections ends


you had 28 days!



@JB.Scopely first time poster long time lurker, any information?

ill get piper and already have done 3 runs at coins, i just want to see whether ill get another 3 or just 2. no need for attitude I’m not complaining, just looking for clarification.

Besides, that was sarcasm!
EDIT: oops just realised you the OP! :laughing:

apologies! first time poster, long time lurker. Apparently i don’t know how to follow replies, or how to read sarcasm.

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Event ends 31st July at 11am PST so you can assume roadmaps will end there

Cue posts about Scopely intentionally finishing maps early despite it never happening before

Ah no worries just joking around! :smiley:
on a serious note Scoeply is handing out free coins today i guess, you can always use them last moment to buy those 200 pr 300 coin bags from shop, has a above 50% chance of getting 30 one type collectibles for Pathways roadmap.
i got 100 bandages and 30 odd bats from 2 separate bags.

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I the 30th will be the last day of roadmaps, they always finish roadmaps early and give u a day to buy offers and sulk

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Yeah it will. Because the map that starts at 11am on the 30th therefore finishes at 11am on the 31st…

nah I reckon 29th will be the last and.finish on 30th and.none starting on 30th!

I hope you’re right, otherwise ill miss out on a chance to get coins by 2 bandages

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cause thatsvwhatvalways happens, the roadmap finish 1 day before mesuem collections and we always complain!

in this situation previous history is an indication of future performance lolz

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The museum collections end on 1st August at 11am PST. We are applying the same logic, you’re just confusing what the time and date I am telling you means. If only we had the information in some informative post:

so collection ends 1 August 11am

event ends 31 11am

eith 2.days and 9 hours left, should mean tomorrow is the last day of roadmap, one left and collection.ends 1 day after it

base.on aussie timezone also, when I say tomorrow

aahhh I meant they always plan and disclose that roadmaps ends 9ne day before the collection ends

didnt means they end it early on purpose, they always end it a day early to give u time to redeem