Pathways event, we'd like it again

@GR.Scopely many of us would to have this event again. Considering the issues last time, I’m sure it would be easy to fix the bugs and make it happen.

Is this something the team would consider? We’re all in desperate need of trainers.


This is the key point. Pathways wasn’t necessarily a great event. But drowning in Benedicts (and a free coin haul or two) was amazing.


I still have 25ish of those boxes and about 35 bags or so, no urgent need of trainers for me.

That said, I agree with @Kanaima. It wasn’t a great event in itself; it was the first of the hyper-convoluted and super-grindy events that everyone hates. They just handed out a ton of stuff. If they fix the bugs, that’ll be the first one they fix - make the grind even harder by eliminating the loopholes, and reduce the number of boxes substantially.

greedy scopley is not giving pathways again
‘‘End of discussion’’

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We are all in desperate need of gear and look what they gave us…

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i love how they know everyone needs gear.

Players asking for a map etc daily, PC asking for it. People asking in DZs chat room. All we get is we are looking into it, ill take it to the team.

Seems the team has plenty of time to design offers to send me for the gear that i really need though

Got enough trainers from Pathways that lasted a month after in ended, since then I’ve been using 2 stars. Pathways was the best event this year for the trainers alone, another similar event with higher chance of trainers, Benedicts especially would be great.

Pathways of 2 different S-Class toons and a proper in game S-Class introduction would sound good

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