Pathways event return

How many people on here want a new pathways event. I think it’s the only descent event they have done.


I would LOVE that

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Definitely one of the best events


What is pathways?

That coin event was fun but they won’t go for it again :joy:


An event from a few months ago gave out loads of trainers and coin


Maybe so… if there can be a choice bag for coins instead of a chance bag for a single mission.

If everyone remembers pathways had it’s own set of issues. Everyone only seems to remember it fondly because you could get coins from it


I want this to come back for the trainers lol, they don’t need to do a coin wheel like last time. Just keep to the blue box where you could get a chance of 20k coins and I think that be good enough. I miss my benes lol


the trainers, the coins… honestly it was so good despite the issues it had

Yes this was one of the few events worth doing

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They should have it with Kingdom, Alexandria, an Hilltop this time

or maybe by comic vols like the first 3. the rewards can be Allen, Maggie(command), and Dexter idk

Telltale pathways event would be good too. like new frontier, the boarding school, and dealt as communities. Have a Joan, Willy, and Lilly or Abel

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Don’t forget about Carver. He would be a great toon.

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Will never happen again we are still paying for it with over priced trainer offers because opportunist still have hundreds of bennies left.

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Lmao yeah Coin choice box.Do you want 100 coins 1000,10000 or 80k?
It’s a hard choice man idk :confused:

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that event gave me 40k coins plus unlimited beneies which made leveling toon so easy

I remember is fondly for the 1,000+ bennies.


Maybe not linked to hordes or any other event which is mysteriously pulled as “broken” after we waited weeks.

Other than that, it was a largely fun event.

yes please this would be great!

Exactly why there are hardly any bennies to be found in game now except 50 dollar or more offers .