Pathways event back please

Please please please bring back the pathway event. Or good trainer offers like the 9,99 ones. With these s class meta and no way to earn trainers for that things are becoming dull.
The pathways event where you could grind out bennies was awesome and really kept people playing alot to grind out those trainers.


By far best event possibly ever!
And yes I’m being serious, it offered everything an event should offer that last that long.

It literally held my full attention the entire time, while most events, example being this Halloween one, lose my interest pretty fast.


Exactly!! Plus it kept interest after the event cause of the possibilitys to level up some toons etc.

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I got a bit excited about this Halloween event just at start… After doing the first roadmap I completely lost interest. I think i only checked the mission a single time since then… I’m not even interested to check what else I have to do to complete. Did the second roadmap but only by accident… It just happened. :sweat_smile:


I’d ask for skull gates to be brought back if I were u, most players got more than 20k coins in just few days…

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Yes I enjoyed that, but the glitch that allowed us to have a blast has now been learned by Scopely.

They even went as far to lock us in our factions for 2 weeks to avoid anyone using the level 15 account loophole.

We’re punished for that now

Pathways wasn’t a good event - it was just an event with decent rewards.

Mostly, the event itself consisted of grinding. It was an exercise in mindless repetition - whether it was repeatedly spamming daily survival road (failing time and again to bump up your total), repeatedly dueling faction mates with lowered defences or repeatedly spamming world map to kill walkers.

There was very little about it that was actually fun - unless you like the sheer endurance of hitting big numbers across the board. Mostly, the figures needed were unrealistically high so that you’d need to quit your job to find the time - if not for handy exploits (see above) that they most likely hadn’t forseen.

It was tedious as hell and it says something that people look back on it as a golden age.


Exactly, and there were other things wrong with the event. I wrote something about it the other day I am asking nicely

I also don’t think the rewards were that amazing - good toon (plays better than one would think at first, because of various synergies), and slightly more mods and liliths than before, plus a couple hundred Bennies added to the ones sitting in my inventory unused.

People only over value pathway event because they need more trainers for current S Class era. If we never had S Class toons I doubt those people would ask every day for this event return.
Also, just to enforce my point I remember people used to complain because they wanted so hard the 20k gold prize from lucky bag even if they got a valuable prize like 15 Bennies or 25 mods.

In terms of rewards it was definitely one of the better events we’ve had. But it wasn’t without its issues.
I imagine if we ever get something similar again they’ll fix all the shortcuts we found last time (friendly duels, fleeing survival road etc) that made it a little easier to get those rewards with some repetitive grinding rather than just spending.

Please NO PATHWAYS event! We need change we need different events

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What i’ve been saying the whole time… It’s the reward that we are after… Every event is exact copy paste. kill waves, collect daily log in… so on… they just over complicate things by adding complete 1 part, then use that reward to complete part 2, and so on… but its exact same routine over and over…

if they made new event that requires us to do 20,000 raid points to get 100 bennie boxes, that wouldn’t be different than any events that we have now, and people will say that was the best event…

we need more variety of play and/or more incorporation of raid/lu/sr/horde/crw/onslaught/log in etc with the events.

i disagree… you can’t tell me 15 bennies as boobie prize or 20k coins as grand prize not tempting. lot of us asked for the pathway return long before s class.

that was by far the best rewards ive seen in this game.



This topic has my vote

What do you want to do? It’s very limited what we can do, look what happens when they put new things like hordes up, they’re crap sandwiches. Stay with the basics, make me raid 20k times

nod, i rather just do 20k raids. atleast no bugs and very easy to keep track( wont need spreadsheet), since they are not capable of creating a variety events.

Doesn’t really tempt me that much (although I’ll take it if it’s on offer of course). If you gave me a choice between that and a single Lilith, I’d have to think for a long time.

I rarely have the roster space to accomodate 15 bennies, that’s almost enough for two ascensions and I need that to get rid of triplicate maxed 5* that have no use anymore. I’ve only had opportunity to open 3 of those crates in the months since then, when I had to ascend a lot suddenly. Even ten extra bennies that I can’t productively get rid of might mean that I can’t collect any 2* from the training grounds anymore, but depoting them seems like a waste as well, so they stay unopened.

Yeah easily the most rewarding event yet. I don’t care if I need to duel my fac mates 1.1k times its worth 150 bennies, now that S-Class is here they are more then needed.