Pathways 2 ..Any Chance?

Anyone that doesnt think the pathways event was the best ever needs to boil their head and make stupid soup

All of those trainers which all of us so badly need now. Maybe u want another collect the letter bs event. Or one like The crap that’s on now


lol…i cant answer that. Hated is such a stong word.

Sorry bro it’s a tough world outside your bubble.

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I gave you a like. Opinions are fantastic.

Except when you do your social experiment then anyone who disagrees with your hypothesis is a whiner.

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Not everyone agrees on what events are good. The only thing that everyone likes about it was the rewards, and those were not super useful to everyone. The event itself was far from great.

I doubt you’d find a lot of people complaining about the Michelle event (possibly also because so few remember how exactly it worked… I think there were somewhat difficult roadmaps? Anyway, definitely not as pointless as fleeing SR stages and War towers over and over). Or the first Faction assault event. Similarly, I doubt you’ll find anyone who enjoyed the anniversary event.


Im so with you on that event. i also realise that even good events are looked at as not good for some. I mean your right…pathways event could not in anyway have been a benefit to all. I so rest my case on this.

Lol if you hated it, then don’t do it… simple as that… you weren’t forced to. I skipped many events I didn’t like. But hey, since people didn’t like it I guess we should all suffer… maybe why we don’t get anything anymore right? Everyone is so indifferent so they just don’t do anything anymore… community can’t stand together to try and get just 1 nice thing… guess we’re all ok with nothing at all :grin:

How are benedicts, mods and possibly coins not valuable to everyone?

Why was faction assault event enjoyable? Faction assault is terrible. People enjoyed it because of the rewards, not the actual gameplay of Faction assault. You are contradicting yourself. Unless you are equating doing the bare minimum (FA event where you didn’t even have to hit) to actually having to grind to get the rewards (Pathways).


Maybe it’s just me but those pathway rewards were well worth that grind

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I have long held a theory that the Bennie’s and Basil’s in the pathways creates was a mistake, and that it was intended to be Burt’s and Brady’s. Someone hit the wrong button, and after the event dropped, they decided not to roll it back fearing a backlash.

If they redid pathways - this is a mistake that they wont repeat, and the creates will be filled with Burt’s.

I did like event for the event itself and the Basil’s and Bennie’s was a fantastic added bonus, and I do want to see it return, I am just taking a pessimistic view on the possible rewards…

Shiiiiiit! I’d even take a few of those Basil and Burts crates, myself! Better than leveling up S Class with 2* characters!

You actually didn’t have to flee SR over and over or use friendly duels. These were just shortcuts for people who needed to finish ASAP!!! There was at least a month? Just to do it by being active.

They’re valuable, but not super valuable to me personally - I have more trainers than I can productively use anyway, and it was even worse at the time when I would sometimes sell Basils at the depot just to clear up enough roster space so I could claim from my training grounds.
I did go for mods over more Benny boxes when given the choice, but they’re also not particularly exciting- I have a good number of mod boxes unopened, because it’s just such a hassle to figure out which mods to sell so that I don’t have to click through that annoying popup every time I play a mission.

Fair point on the FA event; I generally enjoyed FA at the time so I might be biased. The problem with FA is that it is too easy; when it’s not, I think figuring out teams that work well against a particular stage is fun. When you only get to hit with 1* toons so that you don’t deal too much damage it’s no longer fun, though, so maybe it wasn’t the best example.

I have no issue with heavy grinding, because I grind hard anyway. I have a problem with pointless unfun grinding.

@Gravedigger I was doing the event legit as far as I could bring myself to do it (zero point in doing daily SR then, for example), and still had to use the shortcuts a ton. And that’s with playing the game several hours a day.

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