Pathways 2 ..Any Chance?

Most of them still sit in my inventory, though it’s nice to have them as a fallback in case a levelup gets messy. But the game is supposed to be fun, and this was some of the least fun in the game I’ve ever had. Much of what’s wrong with the game started with Pathways. But of course I’d do it again, and hate it again.

That’s just my personal opinion on the gameevent. Scopely don’t care how I feel about the game. They obviously made a mistake with that event (I assume they did not think of all the shortcuts that allowed people to actually get anything worthwhile, possibly more errors) and felt it was too late to change the event at that point. That’s why we won’t see it again.


How many post can you find pre event where people said it was shit and just for p2w. Lots i bet…same people crying on events now.

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Best entertainment on the forums is during an event, update, gate, etc. That is when the :baby: all come out

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There one guy here…no names (Red) who complains about every event…yet admitted he never does any???..Go figure that one out.

Yeah…when someone misses a gate is best…damn they are owed…they want.

They definitely wouldn’t bring the coins back. I got 40k and I’m in a crappy bucket. Some faction mates got even more.

I liked the event over all. It would of been a breeze if i only played on one region lol.

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It had its flaws…but damn it was ok. I think more would want it over what we get now.

People are bashing Pathways after the recent events that have been put out? Good lord. I’ll do anything f2p grindable for 2,000 benedicts with these S class toons. Insane. I can’t sometimes.


I can’t believe anyone wouldn’t want another Pathways event… it was the most rewarding event we ever had before unless you can count skullgate. I’d do all those repetitive things again, it gave me something to do rather than collect bloody sheets and most importantly I was able to get gear, trainers, ascendance medals, coins etc from it… like for real, it covered nearly everything we needed at that time. Heck yeah I’d like another, add some armory tokens in there this go and won’t hear a complaint from me. :slight_smile:


Yeah…so why not…lets have it.

I second this👍

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Me: OH MY GOD I GOT 10 SUPREME CRATES! I hope I pull 20k coins
Pulls no coins
Me: Tough.
Also me: But I got hella benedicts which I can use to level up toons.

If it wasnt for scopely giving them 1,250 coins I probably would of never bought that masks bag to do the crossbone roadmap. Only toon I got was governor. (I dont use him as much.) Negan, and alpha seem worth it but just too much work. Also her shortcut was kinda stupid. More harder and more shards (you needed like 2 extras to just do it)

You just don’t want F2P to get p2p rewards👎

I dont even have 650k prestige so dont put me on some whale pedestal. Why wouldnt spenders want free trainers and gear? They can put them to much better use than ftp. I know plenty of whales with s class stuck at t1 just waiting for an event.


Would love another Pathways event it was easily one of the best events last year


To be fair…i started this topic as bet i had in a line chat that people would complain if we had another. Some did? Most people (those that dont whine at everything) all agreed that this was one if the best ever events in past year or so. Thank you to those that support the idea…those that dont…well theres no hope for you as you will bitch no matter what (this is what i wanted to prove). All said and done…can we have another pathways please.

So you proved not everyone agrees with your beliefs. Wow amazing you should have a podcast.

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While I defenitly agree on the Parts of Grindfest I would take it over another “Last Words” BS any Day just for the Letter L alone.

Hmmm…funny thing was…it was a thread to prove how fickle and moany people are on here even when the event is good. It had nothing to do with my beliefs. Im glad you participated in this.

Obviously you believe no one should have disliked the event when plenty of people hated it. So going into it you should have known the results you are not very smart sorry.