Pathways 2 ..Any Chance?

Any chance of running this again. Same format. No changes at all…just totaly as the original.


Wouldn’t say no. One of the few events that felt rewarding, had a lot to do but wasn’t ridiculously complicated and had a paid aspect but wasn’t necessary.


Pathways event doesn’t match with current Scopely’s event desing

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Congrats Carl…you were first in the test.

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I hope for another pathways,that was the best event we had

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Pathways was terrible just ask for the rewards.

how so Jim…

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Leveling 1* and running 1 energy maps and friendly dueling 1000 times. It was terrible.


ah ok…i bet it would get high on best event ever…but each to there own i guess.

Better than 1k s class level ups and 1k proper raid wins though. Be careful what you wish for.

It was obviously a mistake the first time. I would not expect to see it ever again. Personally, I also thought it was a pretty annoying event, the first of the convoluted grindfests that everyone hates; people just like it because they only remember the benny boxes.

I liked PW, I enjoy having tasks and completing long objectives but that structure seems like something they won’t repeat, now seems like meaty part of events is exclusively p2w


Is this not a good enough reason…sure it was a grindfest. There is no pleasing some. As you saw with new sclass toon…some complained as they wanted 2.

I still find it hard to believe people can even complain about the first one…but it is the forum i guess…like H2Z said…they are serial whiners.

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After PW, temporarily, I liked Michonne event. Pathways or the event w Sandy/Bruce are my favorites. Decadency started w anniversary event, we got some shards but anniversary toon, which was mediocre was behind a paywall

agreed m8…but as you know…people even complained about this. I think the solange one where all they had to do was log in was there favorite.

Best event toon is Michelle imo


No, they complained about having to log in and click 2 times to get the snowball for her :rofl:

did you read when this was first released…so many cried about it was gonna be p2w. Same people who cry now without even giving events a chance.

Agreed, she was the best toon and that event was the best designed. Imo that is what events should be like