Pathway event for transfers


When we transfered our bone collection reset but if that reset why didnt our map reset … Kind of messed up. You guys threw a stupid toc event on us with limited time to make any type of decision. When we transferred, if youre gonna reset the collection why would a map not reset? Not a single player is gonna transfer just to get a dupe gov or negan and you’re already allowing a dupe alpha anyways so i dont see the big deal… Esp gov being in the sdp anyways. So now i and im sure many others who transferred are stuck being short a ton of bloody bandages in my case or short a ton of masks for maybe others. And it wouldnt even be a big deal if i didnt lose my crossbone wouldnt even need the bandages. This is exactly the type of stuff that is making the player base not wanna spend on this game any more… Players first though right? Smfh

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