Path of Exile mobile

It’s an action rpg like Diablo.
This sounds cool, I may play it.
So any games yaw looking forwards to?


No one cares about any other game but walking dead rts. Disrespectful of u to advertise other games here

Zombies finally comes out this weekend on COD mobile, goodbye RTS!


Disrespectful? No. Wrong category? Yes. There is an off topic category here.


I’d seriously be interested in that, I liked PoE more than D3 and Diablo mobile just seems like such a joke… I didn’t know they were doing a path of exile mobile.

I’m exited for this. Is it out already? On Google play or which?

It’s disrespectful of you to assume we don’t care about any other game but this one.


I’m not sure they have one yet. It was just announced at Exilecon 4 days ago along with PoE 2. Here is the trailer with gameplay and information :slightly_smiling_face:

I love how down to earth and honest these devs are :joy: they were fans of Diablo 2 originally and it inspired the creation of PoE. Developers who love their game at heart and truly understand the players because they’re the players too.

Omg I loved Diablo and Diablo 2 too! Wow! I can’t wait! Thanks for the info! And its refreshing to see players creating good games! Yay!

Path of Exile “Inmortal” mobile

Same here, it definitely keeps those original vibes. I was big into Diablo 1 and 2, especially 2. Diablo 3 was a let down for me and felt like something else so Path of Exile became Diablo 3 for me :joy: I’m really happy to see them thriving


Me too! I loved the first Diablo on the computer, fighting thru the stages of hell, trying to get the good weapons, I loved the archer. My brother and I played this for hours! Omg! Awesome game! Saving those villagers from demons of Hell! The butcher was scary as! Lol! I love it!


Fresh meat! Lol


lmao Why would I respect this game?


Thank you for making me laugh

I think scopely would have to respect us first before they get it back. I mean we do pay for their vacations

Sorry this is RTS forum
We play RTS here.

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