Patch notes in the game app


Can we get patch notes updated in the support section of the game? Last update was for 7.0.4 and iOS is now on 8.0.1. It would be great to not have to dig through the forums to find them.



We want to do this VishnevyiSad

We’re working on making the in-game blog better and this is one of the things we want to add!


I would also love to see a better in-game wiki for basic stuff like an easy to find list of all Specialist Skills (there is one but it is not user friendly to find) or a catalog of all 5s (the Ascendance monument gives a perfect catalog of all 6s for us to browse as we need, it’d be great to have the same thing for 5*s) and most importantly of all, a list of all Battle Satuses. Bleed, Impair, Stun, and more importantly the new ones such as Confuse, Maim, Pain Split, the list goes on. When a new Status is added, please have a resource we can go to to read errata on these effects.


Awesome suggestion Justin , there use to be a way to click on specialist skills in game but we lost it a few updates back.