Past vs. Present


Okay, here’s a comparison between me, a very light spender versus a stereotypical heavy spender of the past. This is assuming some of those people have made no progress since the introduction of Legendaries, and is just an example.
Has spent around $20 on RTS
-Started a few months ago
-Has 4 Legendaries which can easily beat ANY team of 5*s, no matter what team it is.
-Dedicated but not too dedicated

Heavy spender-
Spent over 100 bucks, probably a lot more on their roster
-Played almost since 2015 release
-Has many 5*s, probably maxed out, Legacies included
-Extremely dedicated, played daily
-Had a killer team and roster THAT ARE NOW OBSOLETE, especially since they won’t ever be getting any better.

You may be wondering what my point is. My point is that those people put so much effort and money into some now-worthless characters, and now there are only three paths for those once-great characters- SR (rarely), fodder, and LEGACIES! Please slow down the churning out of usually random characters such as Garrett, Aiko, Konrad, Mirabelle, Lydia, etc… and maybe put a little more effort into finishing the current Legacy list. That way, people who spent a ton didn’t entirely pointlessly spend that money. Thanks for listening!


Scopely is a company with aggressive profit margins and KPI’s broski. What you mentioned isn’t conducive to making money. I’m not a business-man, I’m a business Maaaaaaaaaaaan


That’s how the progression of games work. It’s why micro-transactions of games with never-ending progression/updates is essentially buying the best thing, as of now. Something always better will come along later.


RTS is an arms race game… continuously amping up the pressure to stay strongest.
The newest toys are the best and used to go to the winners of events and now mainly to premium players.


Just about any game out there is like that. once they release new stuff all the time and money into your account is now useless. And new players can catch up fast to compete


Wow, really? I didn’t know that. Most people I know who consider themselves heavy spenders have spent about that much on the game, but now I know!


There was a guy on the old forums who ranted about how his $10k roster of 5*s got devaluated right after the 6s stat buff. That’s the most money I’ve seen someone admit spending.


Hope that taught him a lesson.


Yeah that term shouldn’t be allowed here. 10 bucks a month is still ten dollars above free. Would be best if people called themselves casual spenders


This is why I play Star wars more than RTS. Since they took away the 10.99 deal in Star wars I have rarely spent. The odd Jango Fett and Bossk 10 dollar offers. And I am still doing well. It does help when a group of characters that you have invested a large amount of time into get a rework that makes them fun again.

Hint: Scopely should rework some of the old shiite and make them usefull again… Not just nerf the decent FTP characters.


lmao so if 5,000 players pay $10 a month that is the same as $0?


No it does make a difference. You’re able to refresh territory characters. Supply depot. War camp health. (Inefficiently) buy cans. Buy shop items. Refresh scav missions faster. You’re still getting an advantage way bigger than the $0 player.


OMG its farfegnugen back with his nearly free to play or more free to play or less free to play.

Thread will get derailed and go to complete shit now.


From having a sometimes untouchable defence in 5*s era to back to rebuilding a half decent roster while moving into a less spending reliant playstyle…


Yes. I’m seeing it from a perspective of someone who hasn’t bought coins ever since erika’s second premium wheel. I haven’t been able to coin in war matches for a long time now and i’m still hanging onto the, thank god, league coins I have for match-making differences. Even then the ones that spend higher are spending on redundant toons that would only slightly improve their teams. The gap is big. I agree. But its not that much of an exaggeration.


Yikes. I’m done lol


ok felafel head… Maybe there is an almost free to play forum you could join…


nope probably not… But i have saved your type many times. You obviously were raised by ignorant people. I truly feel sorry for you. But you right you live in a different country.


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