Parts are lost in my inventory. Please help

Hi ,
This is player mohikan from peace keepers in dallas. I try very hards to collect items to upgrade and it seems my two canteens one gps and one wheetstones are gone. Can you please help.

Best regards

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maybe someone got in your game and sold them cause he needed materials/food? heard peoples kids did such things before.

I was seeing them, tried to use them. But it didnt show up when i tried to update the charecter. After a day or two, today saw that they are gone.

Try contacting support.

How can i reach them ?

Options > Support > Contact Us

Dont have it

change phone language to english, it helped me.

Already english

You can also open a support ticket via the web portal:

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I did. Thank you so much.

Kind regards,

Did you open the bags they were in? Sometimes I think I have a certain amount because I know I got them, but didn’t open the bags yet to add them to inventory

Yes i did i guess , thanks a lot

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