Parting Shot Specialist Skill vs Stun Hit


There’s some kind of bug with this specialist kill. When the character that has it is stunned and you kill him, it doesn’t activate which is quite fine and logical considering his state.
The problem is when the hit that kills him is also stunning, the specialist skill then activate. In all logic, it should not since the hit that killed him also stunned him.
Please do something about this. Especially on high SR level, t’s annoying to use Mirabelle’s rush to killl a Negan or a Rod, and have the specialist kill dealing huge damage (yeah remember it’s a critical hit and in level 350+, those hits can do more than 800 damage).


Good catch. I will bring this question to designers.


A simular “bug” maybe is that if you have stun when attacking, and it procs on a alert toon with a stun gun, you can still get stunned. Eventho your stun procs before his stun.

By design @CombatDevIl?


Yes, because on Attack and on Defend weapon effects procs at the same time, so both can get stunned. It is not like Attack procs, and then with this outcome, we procs the Defend.

Did green stun get nerfed?

It is something like that:


Thats great anology ,but i assume thats the same theory when people like teresa and ymiko use there ar on stun weapons, when first hit happens she can stun and so can the defender canceling her ar mid stream


Yep, it can happen.


A dbz fan? God I am man crushing even more now haha