Parting is such Sweet Sorrow

Couple of those people on the list are in my faction and are definitely not retired, and haven’t gone anywhere since the ai change. Another was in my faction and decided to play lighter than before and dropped down but was definitely in war yesterday, the list is flawed.

Why is it so hard for you to see what he is seeing 1st hand which that some are still playing? Also, consider the fact that so many quit the game for a day or two quite often and then come back. That fact that players that were reported to have quit are still playing shows they didn’t quit they just took a temp breather for one reason or another.


Harris Old Guard - Furco, Ma®c and me are the only ones still playing, we left faction to join Crazy Train, most of HOGs OGs are gone, probably they do weekly logins just to see whats happening but they do not compete in any tournaments…some sold their accounts others left for good, all happened after 1st CRW with new AI. The list is good imo…needs more updates;)

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Update is now a link within the OG post above.

Thanks for everything & the positivity (despite the nay-sayers & drama llamas)

I could add quite a few from Kershaw, EN

Greenfield lost a bunch also… Games a turd

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