Paragon Mod best set for Life steal?

I’m leaning towards HP set or maybe def set.
Whats everyones view on this?

Can you choose what type of set the life steal is from? In my opinion this specific mod doesn’t matter if it doesn’t give +1000 hp back.

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Look this please Link got your answer!!


+800hp is pretty close to what you’re asking.

+800hp for each attack on a completely tanked up Shiva is going to be crazy since (without Normalize) she can’t have her health reduced too much by an AR and so is going to be so hard to take down.

Yeah it’s got to be between Def or Hp. I going to struggle next week to decide. Probably HP for Shiva.

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I’m leaning towards HP and will put it on Rosita with Fast healing. Should be annoying hopefully :sweat_smile:

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I’ll never get one of these unfortunately or by the time I do they’ll be a non issue but I would say Def or HP maybe leaning more towards HP after watching Links video.

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