Pandora's Box, open?


Level up tournaments structure when we level toons while raids and wars structure how we attack others so when looking for a new game mode why don’t they exploit the world map? I suggest, and I apologize in advance for this idea, a new tournament called something like Forage, Quest or maybe Scavenger Hunt. This would take farming and structure it into a tournament. Take the objectives idea from a level up and instead list things like specific stages to be finished a variable number of times or a quantity of survivors to be found or for a hard objective, a four star weapon needs to be collected. Assign base points for each world stage likely based on energy cost and the objectives boost the scores through bonus points. They should also disable Salvage Tokens or make them not count towards scoring. Maybe this would give them the needed motivation to continue expanding the world map. Imagine how many more world refills they could sell if prizes were worthwhile?


Who can get 5 4* Allens the fastet. I’m in for that :wink:


I waited forever to get him, got 2 recently. Thought of you as soon as I seen him lol. Would have been great to have back in the day.


Glad I made a impression xD

Yeah, like many Others and he still could been useful for newer players, same with Other Raritys like
Green Carson or the STILL Unreleased Jeremy (Whatever is the reason to not release a fully designed 4* these days.)


This sounds super boring! More boring that territory tournaments


Pandora’s Box, huh?
Scopely opened it a long time ago…back when they introduced 6* toons.
And now what lies in that box is slowly consuming this game.


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