Pamela next promo



(7 Christmases)


Can command turn two and knock out two toons basically for 3-5 turns. Wouldn’t say meh. That’s a long taunt. Plus stun on defense. Sheesh.

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Taunt for 3 turns is a lot though…:thinking::thinking::thinking:

Otherwise meh…decent…kinda sorta


Reds will eat her up and anything behind her also it’s red and green so no really good shields to put behind her.

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Focus active skill.

Hmmm might need to command Alice then turn two because if she’s commanded by Glenn it could be a tough raid.

She alright. If she was a shield i would be all up on that!

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I’ve been hearing red and greens are a good combo

Why did I expect to be wowed by some titties when I saw this title.


Holly’s sister

Just got Alice on a 10 pull so bring on Pamela


3turn taunt to 2 enemies…too strong…

Red green lead skill…guess ill break out the good ole f2p gov and ty for this…

Could be very strong behind Eric

Pun intended

She’s a meh, I’m mostly red character oriented so I’ll just shred this lady apart (oWo)

That’s what I’m thinking - a mixed blue and green team should partly counter the all reds out there. Maybe an Eric lead with Pamela, Tyreese to decapitate and hurt the reds, Princess and Solange. Possibly could throw Kal in there to get a bit of a taunt loop going together with some guardian action. With the stun on attack I think she has a lot of potential.

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