Pam, XP and that last orange leaf roadmap stage

So this morning I watched @Invisinerd’s and Link’s (not sure what her username is to tag) videos on the new event. Both great videos and very informative. I was buoyed with the possibility that players were given an option to help with levelling characters using Pam to run the last stage of the orange leaf roadmap to get a great xp boost!

However, upon returning from work, I run the map to get this.

Not a happy chappy right now.

So, while I understand that by leaving Pam as is could have created inequity between the haves vs the have nots, my question is this. Could Scopely perhaps sell or give away Pam next time an event like this comes around so that we can all benefit? Surely it won’t affect revenue that much, may even generate some? The character herself is pretty much useless nowadays until these events pop up out of the blue.

We, as a player base, could really use a boost to help level our characters. Grinding out 2 stars from the TGs just doesnt cut it anymore given the amount of levels an s class has.

Also, there are a lot of players who wouldn’t even know about this possibility unless they tune in to the content creators or are members of the right line channels. Doesn’t sit right with me.

Any thoughts on this?

@GR.Scopely @LadyGeek @Parker (sorry to tag you guys again, just want the coverage ;))


Isnt promoting exploits/glitchs against TOS? @LadyGeek @Invisinerd


It wasn’t their intent for Pam to be able to give that much XP so they changed it. They aren’t going to give her out so we all can benefit because they don’t want us to benefit. People weren’t supposed to know about this, Scopely isn’t going to say “hey check it out, use Pam here” this is not their intent, people making posts and videos about it brought it to Scopely’s attention so it got fixed.


They did have something like this awhile back, forgot what roadmap exactly but they locked Pam super fast for a few weeks and nerfed her.

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Yeah it was some anniversary event iirc. Used 300 bags to run a map or something…

Well if ppl would’ve kept it to themselves and shared info only through private messages, all of us could have benefited :man_shrugging:
This happend once before and like before sco pay shut it down bc haven forbid the players benefit in anyway. Gotta keep milking the proverbial tit for Refills and the like.


Bet the ones who found it and made videos milked it before telling scopely lol

Them YouTube Subscriptions are more important :man_facepalming:

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So youtubers get to promote glitchs/exploits? @GR.Scopely

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It’s not a glitch or exploit, Pam gives out xp 5.5x energy used for a map. Ultra roadmap is 800 energy, so math says 800x5.5 = 4,400.


Yes It’s not a glitch or exploit, just Scopely forgetting that people still use Pam when they decide to set up roadmaps to require ridiculous amounts of energy.

We’re so lucky we have YouTubers to remind them so they could fix it.


Thank goodness its “fixed” now, thanks to the people who dont know how to STFU


We can all go back to this Event being Lame… Thanks for removing the little bit of fun we found in it.


If that would be the case, many Players wouldn’t be here anymore with all this Gates

Well what need to be fixed then? Lol im just saying, its funny that this is her design and they nerf her for these roadmaps. Also people prob shouldnt put “LEVEL HACK WITH PAM! OMG!” in their videos


I don’t think this is a case for beating on the youtubers - they do a good job and were just trying to spread the word and help out. Just a while ago people had the pitchforks out because they didn’t hear about jonesgate in time to benefit…

The main idea of my op was to generate some momentum to Scopely via GR or the players council to get them to stop nerfing Pam when these roadmaps appear. Surely we could get some use out of her in a legit fashion? Maybe they run those roadmaps as 6 star only - then Pam is out anyway - then they could open up a farmable map to include Pam so everyone can get in and benefit. Isn’t that a better control method?

Will never happen, we are not allowed any benefit, only allowed to spend money. The amount of XP an s class needs is insane, honestly with Pam we would level them up only a few levels, nothing crazy tbh but in scopelys eyes that is a burt not sold or a ygl not coined, that in scopelys eyes is lost profit.


Wasn’t it the bunsen burners, where you used 10,000 to run a single stage?

They really love their large numbers. Could have just divided everything by 100 (so rare map costs 1 leaf etc), and the whole thing would not have been a problem. Halloweengate would have been much less disastrous if one pull was one token etc,

They’re just not learning that huge numbers turn minor fumbles into giant failures.


Make this rubbish event a 1 energy roadmap. Simples.

This is NOT even an exploit, she “WAS” literally working as intended …

Her primary focus is to give XP based upon ENERGY, when you run last stage in world map it gives XP relevant to 20 as in 20 World energy points. … . . it is nobodies fault that Scopes ran a roadmap with costing of 800 energy (may not be world) but if their greed is to set a large output for running a roadmap then PAM is the outcome … in no way is this an exploit … the character was created for this such purpose

And for the love of god, we all know how to play the game, its working as intended … you dont need to post everything in this forum jeez


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